XFileSharing Pro - XFilesharing Pro 3.3 has been released!

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XFilesharing Pro 3.3 has been released!

#1 Postby admin » Mar 03, 2022 7:38 am

Good news, everyone!

We just released XFilesharing Pro 3.3! It's already available for download in your client areas.

Please be careful upgrading your live sites right now, as there could be some bug fixes during the next couple of weeks.

Feel free to send your feedback via ticket system.

Here's what's new:

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3.3 (March 2022)
! Introduced Install center for easy mods deployment & update
! Desktop sync app (Cloud drive mod, Windows)
! Multiple main servers support on high-load configurations
! Multiple download domains licensing option
! Changed frontend URL scheme
+ Background Remote URL upload support
+ E2EE decryption support on mobile devices (Encryption mod)
+ Added Anti-debrid center
+ Added Yoomoney support (Payment gateways mod)
+ Internal server errors are now human-friendly
+ API-based remote URL upload support (API Mod)
+ Added API Description page (API mod)
+ Fixed Crypt::SSLeay failures during install on modern CentOS-based distributions
+ Paysera plugin is not depending on URI::Query anymore (Payment gateways mod)
+ Access to Transmission engine web interface through Admin Torrents (Torrents mod)
+ Fixed import timeouts when downloading huge torrent files (Torrents mod)
+ Short links and advanced download mod links support in DMCA IMAP fetcher
+ Fixed parsing base64-encoded messages in DMCA IMAP fetcher
+ Fixed forgot password form wrong session errors with some web mail providers (such as outlook.com)
+ Improved forgot password form security
+ Added randomized passwords mode in FTP mod settings (FTP mod)
+ Added captcha on anonymous file deletion page
+ Added Pay type and Pay email into account's withdraw requests history
+ Non-MP4 files playback (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ Terminate other sessions on password change due to security reasons
+ Merged Aff ID and Webmaster ID in a single cookie to improve Aff to Website consistency in Affiliate system
+ Affiliate cookie is now encrypted with HCE_MD5 for tamper-proof
+ Added Items per page & Files ordering controls into My Account
+ Video preview generation support (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ My Files Export link format constructor
+ Fixed upload options (such as upload to folder / add password / e.t.c.) during chunked upload
+ Fixed huge files transfer progress
+ Fixed SSL errors on some setups
+ Fixed special chars handling in UNIX symlinks mode
+ Option to enable/disable hold profits for specific user
+ Fixed collation failures when supplying non-UTF8 usernames on the login form
! Perl 5.32 support
! MySQL 8 support