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Adding extra disk to the system

01/11/2021 12:04 PM


NOTE: the contents of this article were superseded by the native multi-drive support since v.3.2. If you're using v.3.2 or newer, we highly suggest to take a look at the following article instead:


The best way is to use the program named 'mhddfs' in order to join the several UNIX mount points in a single one. In example below we consider that you have 1 system disk and 7 additional disks that are already formatted in ext4 file system.

1. Mount your additional disks in the following way:

$ df -h

/dev/sdb 2.7T 600G  2.0T 23% /pool/storage02
/dev/sdc 2.7T 601G  2.0T 23% /pool/storage03
/dev/sdd 2.7T 599G  2.0T 23% /pool/storage04
/dev/sde 2.7T 597G  2.0T 23% /pool/storage05
/dev/sdf 2.7T 576G  2.0T 23% /pool/storage06
/dev/sdg 2.7T 576G  2.0T 23% /pool/storage07
/dev/sdh 2.7T 576G  2.0T 23% /pool/storage08

2. Create the "/pool/storage01" directory which will be located on your system disk

3. Install mhddfs on your server

4. Use the following /etc/fstab rule for mhddfs mount:

mhddfs#/pool/storage01,/pool/storage02/,/pool/storage03,/pool/storage04,/pool/storage05,/pool/storage06,/pool/storage07,/pool/storage08 /storage fuse default_permissions,allow_other,mlimit=99 0 0

5. Create the /storage directory and mount it

6. Move cgi-bin/uploads/ and cgi-bin/temp/ directories in /storage/, and either alter paths in or symlink them back.