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My site's performance suddenly became really poor

06/10/2020 07:34 AM
I'm running a live XFileSharingPro site on a powerful server for a significant period of time (from the several months up to many years) and it always was performing fast for me, but some time ago it suddenly became really slow. What's happened and what could I do?

I see that my server's CPU usage is near to 100% in my main server's console, mostly coming from index.fcgi (or and mysql processes.


Your site is being exposed to a vocabulary-based brute-force attack with an aim to steal the premium accounts which will be later used on debrid services. If migrating to Cloudflare CDN is not an option for you or doesn't helps, you have to take the following actions in order to protect:

1. Upgrade to v.3.2
2. Put 0 in admin_settings -> Show captcha after X failed logins/h to enable login captcha for everybody but white-listed IPs. We understand that you're worrying about end-user experience, but please note that specifying more permissive limits (like 1 or greater) most likely will not help.
3. Disable FTP access for all IPs but whitelisted by users