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The basics on server back-ups (Main Site & File Servers)

04/25/2012 06:21 AM


While this information isn't intended to be used as true advise but it is rather information to help you understand the basics of backing up a site based on XFS and the options you have (Remember to seek support from your host too)

- You can set-up this server to have two hard drives in this mode "home" &"backup".
- Set-up this server to back-up its home files  to the 2nd backup disk  on a daily basis.

- Because in the normal nature; file-servers tend to have a lot of data stored. You can configure each file-server to be running in  RAID this makes sure that if one disk fails , the other will still work.   Also the files are 100% identical on each disk.
- There are different set-ups of RAID so (click here) to take a look at this article which explains more about.  And also don't forget to seek support from your host to see if your server will take RAID configs (because every server is different)

- Sometimes RAID is not always a perfect solution for file-servers; so you can also look in to R1Soft Backup or a similar backup-script  and set-up your file server to back-up on a different datacenter.  Just make sure to seek support on both datacenters if  such method is viable. 

Other options from the host;
It is also good to seek support from your host; because they might have better options for you depending on how your site is set-up, how busy the site is,  and the types of servers you're using.  They also have better knowledge of their datacenter.