Latest version: 1.7
Release date: October 2021


1.7 (Oct 2021)
+ Updated theme
+ Added FastCGI support
+ Added Nginx support as proxy on main server.
+ Improved queue processing
+ Now possible to set host logo on upload form.
+ Added GDPR
+ Added Abuse management
+ Admin Statistics improvement.

1.6 (Jun 2015)
+ added universal XFilesharing Pro plugin, now you can add any xfilesharing site (running 2.3)  after owner approval
+ user specific limits (slots, bandwidth, upload threads, etc)
+ now admin can disable anonymous or premium users
+ admin will receive notifications about new versions
+ preselected sites for users
+ bug fixes

1.5 (Feb 2014)
! Daptcher support for login captcha recognition
+ Added retry option for failed tasks
+ Default design update
+ hotfile.com plugin replaced with bayfiles.net
+ Plugin API update
+ search users in admin area
+ send mass e-mails to users 
+ delete inactive and unverified users
+ option "Max Columns" for sites on main page
* various fixes

1.4 (May 2013)

+ Multiple upload servers support
+ Affiliate system with additional payment gateways mod (optional) 
+ Auth by login instead of email
+ Multiple file selection on browser upload
+ User can manually repair broken link
+ Remote upload API
* Various bug fixes, including security ones

1.3 (December 2012)

+ multiple accounts for sharing sites
+ multithreaded upload and foreground queue processing
+ 3 user types (anonymous, registered, premium) with own usage limits
+ payment option to become premium (only paypal for now)
+ censored words filter
+ Desktop File Manager
* admin settings page improvements

1.2 (January 2012)
! banned status fix 
! "file not found" fix 
! various security improvements 
* auto temp cleaning improve 
+ new template for "file not found" page 
+ contact form with abuse feature 
+ sitemap generation 
+ export links 
+ reset password in forgot password feature 
+ upload speed and ETA 
+ ability to append suffix to the file names 
+ ability to append file name to the download link 
+ ability to append .html to the file name (good for ads)

1.1 (October 2011)
! Nonescaped input fix
* Eliminated separate admin login page
* Shorten too long file names
* File names in URL
* Show meta description & keywords on all pages
+ filesonic.com and fileserve.com added
+ Link to file hosts in "my files"
+ FTP Upload for user's accounts
+ Automatic Link checker
+ 404 respone on not found files
+ Independent plugin system

1.0 (September 2011) 
* Stable release