Latest version: 1.7
Release date: October 2021

Script Features

Multiple files upload with drag & drop support

You can upload any number of files per one upload session. Can select multiple files at once

Remote HTTP/FTP leech

You can specify several HTTP or FTP links and have them uploaded without downloading files on your computer. Basic HTTP auth. is supported as well.

Unlimited upload file size

You able to upload files as big as your server can handle, no software limits.

Background upload

Right after file(s) uploaded on server, there's no need to wait till they will be transloaded on file sharing sites - you can close browser window as everything will be performed in the background.

HTTP Proxy support

You can use HTTP proxy for uploading in case if your server's IP was banned.

Premium account support

Ability to upload/download using premium accounts.

ADs placement

Place your ads on pre-download page or in iframe which will be shown when user will visit download link.

Customizable Look and Feel

You can easily customize your site look and feel by editing HTML templates.

FTP Upload

Users can save files onto their FTP server specified in "My account".

Desktop File Manager (optional)

Your users can manage their files with Windows desktop application.

Affiliate System + Payment Gateways (optional)

Your users can earn by referring other people to buy premium access to your system.

Remote upload API

Integrate your site with other systems.

Multiple upload servers support

You can distribute banwidth and cpu load across several servers.