Latest version: 3.4
Release date: November 2023


3.4 (November 2023)
! Perl 5.34 and 5.36 support
! MySQL 8 compatibility improvements
! Premium Plus plans support
! Cloudflare R2 support
! Servers throughput monitoring in Admin Servers area (Advanced download mod)
! Permalinks generation support
+ Upgraded Advanced download mod core to Nginx 1.25.2
+ FTP APPE support (FTP mod)
+ Added Admin Transactions and Admin Whitelist pages
+ Recaptcha V3 support
+ Google Analytics V4 support
+ Preserve uploader IP for background-mode remote URL uploads
+ Sort mode is now preserved after navigating through My Files paging
+ Uploaders can now be assigned to specific servers
+ Switched Reseller API authentication mode to key-based for the security purposes (Resellers mod)
+ Account password-based API authentication is now only allowed from whitelisted IPs
+ Old sessions are now getting deleted after password change
+ Require by-email confirmation for login attempts coming from unusual countries
+ Improved fileserver randomization during web uploads
+ Fixed dangling files problem after transfer cancel on multidrive fileservers configurations
+ Added uploads field in My Reports detalization
+ Chunked uploader support in embed upload form
+ Anti-debrid area security improvements
+ 3DSnappy support (Payment gateways mod)
+ SMTP settings are now available in Admin Settings area
+ SMTP XOAUTH2 authentication support to avoid less secure apps deprecation problems with Gmail
+ Improved cross-fileserver transfer reliability
+ S3 multipart upload support for handling files larger than 5 GB (CDN mod)
+ Fixed S3 transfers from multidrive fileservers configurations (CDN mod)
+ Improved server-to-server and CDN-to-server transfer reliability
+ Server ID fixup support in DB-to-File checker

3.3 (March 2022)
! Introduced Install center for easy mods deployment & update
! Desktop sync app (Cloud drive mod, Windows)
! Multiple main servers support on high-load configurations
! Multiple download domains licensing option
! Changed frontend URL scheme
+ Background Remote URL upload support
+ E2EE decryption support on mobile devices (Encryption mod)
+ Added Anti-debrid center
+ Added Yoomoney support (Payment gateways mod)
+ Internal server errors are now human-friendly
+ API-based remote URL upload support (API Mod)
+ Added API Description page (API mod)
+ Fixed Crypt::SSLeay failures during install on modern CentOS-based distributions
+ Paysera plugin is not depending on URI::Query anymore (Payment gateways mod)
+ Access to Transmission engine web interface through Admin Torrents (Torrents mod)
+ Fixed import timeouts when downloading huge torrent files (Torrents mod)
+ Short links and advanced download mod links support in DMCA IMAP fetcher
+ Fixed parsing base64-encoded messages in DMCA IMAP fetcher
+ Fixed forgot password form wrong session errors with some web mail providers (such as
+ Improved forgot password form security
+ Added randomized passwords mode in FTP mod settings (FTP mod)
+ Added captcha on anonymous file deletion page
+ Added Pay type and Pay email into account's withdraw requests history
+ Non-MP4 files playback (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ Terminate other sessions on password change due to security reasons
+ Merged Aff ID and Webmaster ID in a single cookie to improve Aff to Website consistency in Affiliate system
+ Affiliate cookie is now encrypted with HCE_MD5 for tamper-proof
+ Added Items per page & Files ordering controls into My Account
+ Video preview generation support (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ My Files Export link format constructor
+ Fixed upload options (such as upload to folder / add password / e.t.c.) during chunked upload
+ Fixed huge files transfer progress
+ Fixed SSL errors on some setups
+ Fixed special chars handling in UNIX symlinks mode
+ Option to enable/disable hold profits for specific user
+ Fixed collation failures when supplying non-UTF8 usernames on the login form
! Perl 5.32 support
! MySQL 8 support

3.2 (October 2020)
! Perl 5.28 and 5.30 support
! End-to-End Encryption mod (experimental)
! Interactive DB-To-File checker tool
! Protection against clickjacking / UI dressing attacks
! Improved anti-debrid traffic tracking logic
+ Adopted modular architecture for the internal RPCs
+ Introduced hooking system
+ Session cookie now has HttpOnly flag
+ Folders drag-n-drop support
+ Immediate downloads counting (Advanced download mod)
+ Support for binding direct links to first accessed IP to avoid Wrong IP errors on some ISPs (Advanced download mod)
+ Switched to OS-supplied Transmission engine (Torrent mod)
+ Added websites administration interface (Webmaster mod)
+ Added Memcached stats
+ AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 signature support (CDN mod)
+ Wasabi and Scaleway Cloud support (CDN mod)
+ Update files/disk used support for S3-based clouds (CDN mod)
+ Upgraded Advanced download mod core to Nginx 1.19.2
+ Updated Byteseller and PerfectMoney integration (Payment gateways mod)
+ Improved Admin Bans List -> Clear All performance on large amounts of data
+ Improved Microsoft Windows support (Cloud Drive mod)
+ Fixed SMTP/TLS errors during sending e-mails on some configurations
+ Auto reconnect on IMAP DMCA fetch errors
+ HCaptcha support
+ PROXY protocol support (FTP mod)
+ FTPS support (FTP mod)
+ Allow logins by e-mail
+ Fixed custom commission bug for traffic-based plans
+ FTP mod handlers auto-shutdown on detected inactivity (FTP mod)
+ Improved large file uploads to Cloudflare-protected servers
+ Added modified data check while saving Admin Users form
+ Fixed HTTPS support in ShortLink mod
+ Admin Mass Email now doesn't ungracefully fails if an error encountered
+ No possible negative overflows in Admin Servers -> Files and Disk Used during mass files deletion
+ Fixed "No file on disk" for large uploads on some configurations
+ New Zevera API support (URL Leech mod)
+ 0 is now considered as "Always" in Admin Settings -> Show login captcha after XX failed attempts/h
+ Fixed VIP files purchase errors if PayPal subscriptions are enabled
+ Fixed IPv6 download problems on configurations that are using dl.cgi
+ G2FA is now seamlessly working with the login captcha
+ File server scripts are now supporting the multidrive configurations without 3rd-party software

3.0.1 (March 2019)
! Important bugfixes and improvements related to IPv6 handling
! Switched to GeoLite2 MMDB file format instead of legacy GeoIP
! Advanced download mod now supports autostart on Systemd configurations
+ Now can edit webmaster's sites list in admin_users interface (Webmaster mod)
+ Country detection is now working for IPv6
+ Added VoguePay support (Payment gateways mod)
+ Added admin_resellers interface (Resellers mod)
+ Implemented trash management support in admin_files
+ Human-friendly too many connections message (Advanced download mod)
+ Fixed PaySera integration (Payment gateways mod)
+ Added option to set all files to be premium-only by default (Rewards mod)
+ Approved affiliates can now upload even if disabled for corresponding user type in admin_settings -> User Limits
+ PremiumTurkiye support (Payment gateways mod)
+ zip.cgi is not depending on Archive::Zip::SimpleZip anymore (Archives mod)

3.0 (August 2018)
! Full IPv6 support
! Perl 5.24 and 5.26 support
! Fixed installation issues on Debian 9
! Chunked upload support in Advanced Download mod (Now can run file servers under Cloudflare)
! New responsive template
! Added API mod
! Added Backup mod with AES256 encryption support
+ Drag-n-drop upload support for directories
+ Built-in Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Webmoney payments
+ Alternative credit card, iDeal, Sofort, Santander and Boleto support via PayGol (Payment gateways mod)
+ FTP mod now also supports downloads
+ GDPR Compliance support
+ Admin Servers -> Import Files now respects directories structure
+ Uploaders can now set global premium-only flag for their account (if enabled in settings)
+ Improved error handling for fetching DMCA messages via IMAP (Moderator mod)
+ Removed max folders count limitation per account
+ Improved referer URL tracking
+ Improved rebills representation logic in detailed user stats
+ Video.JS support (Video & Encoding mod)
+ JWPlayer 8 support (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ Added encoding queue management console (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ Optional profits hold support
+ Mass torrent deletion in admin_torrents (Torrent mod)
+ Show announce URL errors in my_files interface (Torrent mod)
+ Fixed user-agent restriction issues on some private trackers (Torrent mod)
+ Fixed quirks on IPv6 setups (Torrent mod)
+ Automatically clean old stuck torrents (Torrent mod)
+ Configuration saving is now working even if cgi-bin directory is not writeable
+ Upgraded Advanced download mod core to Nginx 1.15.2
+ Improved FTP mod stability
+ Implemented optional torrent seeding until specified rate (Torrent mod)
+ Improved error handling on FastCGI setups (FastCGI mod)
+ Allow specifying title for custom pages by using language files
+ Optional short-time download tokens system
+ Now reflects actual disk usage & total space in /?op=admin_servers
+ Admin Files -> Mass Search form now accepts Advanced download mod direct links
+ Fixed MPlayer hanging (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ Fixed Add to my account link on download page
+ Sign-in notifications support (Security mod)
+ refunds are now getting displayed in my_reports (Payment gateways mod)
+ Google Authenticator support (Security mod)
+ Optionally limit displayed downloads to paid ones only (Rewards mod)
+ Payment Plugin API now supports defining multiple submethods of the same plugin
+ Implemented Kleeja migration script
+ Yetishare migration script are now supporting multiserver configurations
+ Added manual payment transaction processing mode
+ Now can set custom file expiration time for specific user

2.5.1 (December 2017)
+ Built-in bitcoin payments
+ Added ability to set download price for specific files (pay per file).
+ Added Payo and support (Payment gateways mod)
+ Torrent mod stability improvements
+ HTTPS-only trackers support (Torrent mod)
+ Base32 magnet links support (Torrent mod)
+ Files transfer stability improvements
+ Now uses /usr/sbin/sendmail instead of /usr/lib/sendmail in order to avoid problems on some configurations
+ Recurring payments are now getting displayed in detailed stats
+ Improved handling filenames with special characters on some configurations
+ Better popup dialogs look
+ Shortlinks are now getting exported by my_files export tool (Shortlink mod)
+ Shortlinks are now supported by Link Checker tool (Shortlink mod)
+ Security mod now supports re-sending SMS codes
+ Fixed upload speed limitation glitches on some configurations
+ Various bugfixes & improvements

2.5 (June 2017)

+ Full account management through FTP (FTP mod)
+ Dropbox-like "download as ZIP" feature (Archives mod)
+ Option to automatically fetch, parse & process DMCA messages from IMAP folder (Moderator mod)
+ Show pending DMCA reports count in site's header
+ Option to limit remote upload speed
+ Zevera support (leech from near to 100 sites by using a single premium account)
+ Option to limit max paid downloads count for last 24 hours from a single IP
+ Added Payssion (Payment gateways mod)
+ Translation improvements
+ Moved to new modular WebUI architecture
+ Mandatory Anti-CSRF token check for all WebUI operations with side effects (on architectural level)
+ All kinds of input data are now getting escaped to completely prevent potential XSS or SQL injections (on architectural level)
+ Better handling of default language selection
+ WYSIWYG editor in news edit and "send e-mail to user" form
+ Added Affiliate, DMCA agent, Moderator, Reseller, Pending and Banned criteria in admin_users search
+ Multiple servers selection for source / dest (Mass file transfer form)
+ Can now use file popularity as sort criteria (Mass file transfer form)
+ Can now limit by total transfer size or resulting destination servers disk occupation (Mass file transfer form)
+ Improved files transfer reliability (esp. on cPanel jailshell configurations)
+ Improved automatic temporary files cleaning
+ Option to handle payment engine's commission (can choose whenever it should be taken from buyer or affiliate)
+ Option to specify payment plugin order on premium purchase page
+ Can now explicitly set HTTP referrer by prepending '?referer=http://...' to file download link
+ Removed pending premium keys limitation for reseller
+ Don't allow admin to ban himself
+ Option to regenerate links reported by copyright companies
+ Show new payout requests and abuses notifications in site's header
+ Moved from jQuery UI to Twitter Bootstrap for better dialogs appearance
+ Added Install & Updates manager for easier site administration
+ Byteseller recurring payments support (Payment gateways mod)
+ is QwikPay now (Payment gateways mod)
+ support, incl. recurring payments (Payment gateways mod)
+ Files are now getting imported immediately (FTP mod)
+ Added Security mod
+ Option for mandatory phone number confirm on registration (Security mod)
+ Option for enforcing two-factor authentication by SMS (Security mod)
+ Option to allow users to see & manage the sessions list in my_account (Security mod)
+ Option to delete old sessions after specified number of hours (Security mod)
+ Option for enforcing sessions IP protection (Security mod)
+ Added Cloud Drive mod (attach XFileSharingPro account directly to user's OS)
+ Perl 5.22 support

2.4.1 (August 2016)

+ Various bugs & security fixes
+ Better RTL languages support
+ No more problems with new MySQL versions ('field is null')
+ Updated PayWeb integration (Payment gateways mod)
+ Option to disable PPD payments when Adblock is enabled
+ Premium traffic packages are now present on download0_alt
+ Payments history is now available in /?op=admin_payments
+ Fixed Anti-dupe system behaviour when "Save original file" is enabled

2.4 (March 2016)

+ Perl 5.20 support
+ Option to save the original files (Encoding mod)
+ Can now set custom affiliate & webmaster percents for specific user
+ File upload speed now can be limited in admin settings (Nginx mod, rebuild required)
+ Max connections per IP and download resume can now be altered in admin_settings (Nginx mod, rebuild required)
+ Link IP logic is now getting respected (Nginx mod, rebuild required)
+ FTP upload now respects XFileSharing server status (ON/OFF/READONLY), user type, Geo IP mod settings and other conditions during server pre-selection
+ New accounts are now getting accessible immediatelly after registration (FTP mod)
+ Added Yandex.Money, Paysera, Byteseller, Payweb, and Zarinpal (Payment gateways mod)
+ Can now enable FTP upload for different types of users (FTP mod)
+ Now uses HTML5 instead of Flash for playing .mp3 files
+ Now uses HTML5 video playback by default
+ Improved HTTPS support
+ Optional login captcha after X unsuccessful tries
+ Upgraded to JWPlayer 7 (Video mod)
+ Desktop & Android Uploaders can be now enabled from admin_settings
+ Deprecated HiPay and Junglepay (Payment gateways mod)
+ XFileSharing is no longer dependent on Digest::SHA1
+ Upgraded to reCaptcha 2.0 ("I'm not a robot")
+ Each sensitive form is now a subject for Anti-CSRF check
+ Amazon S3 is not depending on Moose anymore which makes it easier to install
+ Encoding mod now features a simple-to-use install script which automatically fetches the compatible versions of ffmpeg & MP4Box and adds the necessary cronjobs
+ Updated integration for Interkassa, PerfectMoney, PaySafeCard and Payza
+ Torrent mod now uses Webseed (BEP-19) for seeding XFileSharing files which improves it reliability
+ Each torrent file issued by Torrent mod now contains passkey for tracking purposes
+ Now can put Flowplayer license in admin_settings
+ Now can mask an actual download link in URL bar
+ Fixed an issue that prevented the torrent engine from start on some configurations
+ Improved file server tests
+ makemoney.html is now included by default
+ Installer script now includes the tests for dependency modules
+ IPN handler is no more accepting requests for payment plugins that weren't set up explicitly in admin_settings
+ Nginx mod, 100% complete and the torrent mod are now working reliable on SSL configurations
+ Can now put a currency symbol in admin_settings
+ Fixed upload timeout issue on some configurations
+ Updated Twitter bindings that were broken by recent API changes on their side
+ Files premoderation (Moderator mod)
+ Encoding script now can use the 'copy' method for blazing fast processing whenever it's possible (Encoding mod)
+ XFileConfig and XFSConfig are not getting jammed anymore when running out of disk space
+ now asks for admin's confirmation before expiring large amounts of files
+ Now includes stats for the external API keys usage and webseeding XFileSharing files
+ Now shows the reason why the money wasn't charged in my_reports -> downloads details
+ Now shows the method which was used to upload the file in admin_files
+ PBKDF2/SHA256 support for passwords
+ Improved language translations
+ Now shows a version number in admin_settings
+ Can now setup the premium traffic packages
+ Now counts both received and paid money in admin_stats, and all values are getting summarized
+ Option to agree with the TOS by default
+ Various bugfixes & improvements

2.3 (May 2015)

+ Updated default template 
+ support 
+ Memcached support for main and download pages 
+ Plugins API for Captcha 
+ HTTPS support (requires a valid certificate for main and all file servers) 
+ Trash support 
+ Stats mod is now part of XFilesharing Pro default package 
+ Mass file deletion interface for DMCA agents (Moderator Mod) 
+ Can now regenerate thumbnails (Images and Video mods) 
+ Better FastCGI integration (no connection errors when connecting to upstream anymore, no start/stop scripts are now required) 
! Ability to _seed_ files through XFilesharing in order to decrease the disk IO load on file servers ("Download via Torrent" button on download page) (Torrent mod) 
+ Ability to upload folders (FTP mod) 
+ FastCGI integration can be now purchased from the client's area 
+ Can now alter the percent from the UI in 100% complete mod 
+ Can now alter default file_public value in admin_settings 
+ Option to clear the automatically banned users & IPs in admin_bans_list 
+ Option to limit leech traffic for a specific user in admin_users 
+ The reason is now specified in admin_downloads if no money charged 
+ More clear error message if the user had pressed 'Deny' when connecting his account with mod_social 
+ Display an error message if the site is getting opened with Cloudflare and it wasn't enabled in config 
+ Ability to switch on or off the Embed video profits 
+ The progress bar is now handled completely on user's side, and is not dependent on the server settings anymore 
+ The 'admin_downloads' and 'admin_downloads_all' ops are combined into a single page 
+ List the user's custom sites in upload form (Leech mod) 
+ The cronjobs are now getting installed automatically when setting up the site / file server 
+ Progress routines were rewritten in HTML5 and are now less strict for web server's configuration 
+ User can't post the upload form anymore if upload count limit was exceeded by using HTML5 multi-upload 
+ Quick search in admin_settings 
+ Option to enable manual approve for affiliates 
+ Option to disable registration 
+ Option to control if the PPD affiliates are receiving profits for the Video and MP3 embeds or not (Profits mod) 
+ Option to disable file expiration for the specific extensions 
+ Integration with other Sibsoft products (XFileSharing >= 2.3, XFileMirror: > 1.6, will be added for XVideoSharing and XImageSharing in upcoming releases) 
+ Fixed special characters handling in admin_settings 
+ Fixed document viewer wrong IP bug 
+ Smart auto-completion in my_files search 
+ Missing config fields are now being automatically created 
+ Fixed size & MD5Hash mismatch issues when transferring videos 
+ Can now automatically update the database after manual files moving 
+ Fixed void input fields bug when adding a new server 
+ Implemented folders paging in my_files and user_public 
+ File dialog does now respects an extensions filter 
+ Remote upload abort 
+ Approved affiliates can now set max download file size limit for free users in my_account 
+ Fancy date inputs in my_reports and admin_stats 
+ Redesigned admin_reports interface for convenient operation 
+ Fix for invalid request error due to API changes in G+ (Social mod) 
- Flash upload mod is now deprecated 
+ Merged Smart Points with the Smart Profit mod and changed it name to "Rewards mod" 
+ Twitter mod is now part of Social mod 
+ Video encodings can be now enqueued manually (MP4 encoding mod) 
+ Saving admin_settings doesn't prints errors anymore for CDNs (CDN mod) 
+ Updated leech mod, added new sites 
+ Now properly handles UTF-8 characters (Archives mod) 
! Magnet links support (Torrent mod) 
+ On-complete notifications is now available for torrents (Torrent mod) 
+ Fixed torrent status AJAX in my_files (Torrent mod) 
! Added PaySafeCard (Payment Gateways mod) 
! Added Robokassa (Payment Gateways mod) 
! Added (Payment Gateways mod) 
! Added G2A plugin (Payment Gateways mod) 
+ Most of payment engines are now viewable in my_reseller (Payment Gateways mod) 
+ Updated other payment plugins (Payment Gateways mod) 
+ JWPlayer is now supplied with Pseudo-streaming enabled by default (Video mod)
+ More convenient way to change JWPlayer skin (Video mod) 
+ Video mod merged with Ads overlay mod (Video mod) 

2.2.1 (October 2014)
! Security fixes
! Upload manager is now working with Cloudflare
! Webmoney deprecated the MD5 hashing method in API, applied to SHA256 instead (Payments mod)
! Various improvements in admin_stats and resellers part
! Support for PaySafeCard, PerfectMoney and Bitpay (in Payment Gateways mod) 
! Fixed the 'IPN errors' problem that was reported by PayPal staff (in Payment Gateways mod) 
+ The videos are now converted in a mobile-friendly way (MP4 encoding mod)
+ FTP tab is now included by default (FTP mod)

2.2 (March 2014)

! Template for mobile devices 
! Background file transfer queue
! Amazon S3 storage support (experimental)
! Cloudflare support
! SMTP TLS support (enables Gmail smtp)
! Support for FirstDataPay E4, PaySafeCard and DownloadNoLimit (in Payment Gateways mod)
! Through-reseller purchases are now affected by affiliate and webmasters program
! IPB, phpBB and MyBB integration as a login provider (available in Social mod)
! Added Flowplayer support 
! Added (URL Leech mod)
+ Upgraded JWPlayer to 6.7, ability to choose between 5 and Flowplayer.
+ Skin support for JWPlayer 5 (through admin interface)
! Embeded Upload Mod is now a part of core script
+ Mass set/unset "premium only" in my_files
+ New filter options in admin_mass_email: All/Premium/Free, Logged in last XX days, etc
+ Trusted payouts are now marked green in admin_payments
+ Google Document viewer on download page for pdf, doc, rtf, ps, ppt
+ Preserve payout info in DB for logging purposes
+ Added a Deleted Files page
+ Ads overlay mod config breakage fix
+ Fixed non-english filename errors on some configurations
+ Per-user traffic & storage space limitation in admin_users
+ Detailed stats and Payment Plugins stats in admin's area
+ Downloads, Premium Sales, Referrals and Websites cells are now clickable in my_reports (Reports mod)
+ Ability to choose between family-safe and adult ads on upload (Images mod)
+ Sales and Rebills distinction in my_reports (Reports mod)
+ Ability to set the different rewards for Sales and Rebills (Profit mod)
+ Ability to select between User Agent and IP-based language detection methods
+ Upload bandwidth limitation support (per-utype and per-user)
+ Multiple selection with Shift+click in my_files
+ DB-To-File and File-To-DB checks are moved to CLI script which asks a confirmation before deleting files
+ Ability to download torrents into a folder (Torrent mod)
+ Google Analytics support in admin settings
+ Upload now shows a message if fs.cgi request failed
+ Yetishare & MFHS migration scripts
+ Video & Torrent server tests
+ Various fixes for Cashu, and JunglePay
+ Removed and MtGox
! Security fixes

2.1 (July 2013)
+ Added Shortlink mod 
+ Added,,, (URL Leech mod) 
+ HTML5 video support for IOS and Android (Video mod, mp3 playback). 
+ Ability to define the Ad code in admin_settings (Ads overlay mod)

! Social mod (share + login) for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and
! Android File manager mod
! Option to auto-ban IPs that fails to login too frequently
! Option to auto-ban users that changes an IP too frequently
! MtGox bitcoin payments (in Payment Gateways mod)
! Added iKoruna,, Paysite-Cash, SpryPay, JunglePay, Click2Sell, Matomy, (in Payment Gateways mod)
! PaymentWall Split Payments API
! Added SolveMedia captcha

+ Support for Perl 5.16
+ Admin can login as user
+ Added iframe breaker
+ Ban management console with E-Mail notifications
+ Captcha on forgot pass page
+ File transfer constistency check
+ Added optional reason when rejecting payments in admin_payments
+ Ability to select a folder in upload form
+ HTML5 multi-upload
+ Implemented websites administation interface in /?op=admin_sites
+ Added 7z and zip support (through 7za, in Archives mod)
+ RAR mod is now available from admin's interface
+ Added webmaster earnings in admin_stats
+ Clone files feature (upload form)
* Ability to select a folder on upload page
* Improved upload servers round-robin logic
* Remote URL upload can be now disabled for a specific type of users
* Added a special transaction number for PaymentWall testing convenience
* Download bandwidth is also counted for a specific user account
* Ask email for some payments engines (anonymous only)
* Added webmaster earnings in admin_stats
* Updated bitflu to latest version
* Updated twitter API (details:

+ Fixed video encoding bug (torrent mod)
+ Improved security
+ Improved forgot_pass security
* Fixed forum code
* Fixed mass search in Moderators mod
* Fixed text captcha bug
* Securiity fixes
* Bug fixes

2.0 (April 2012)
+ Admin can edit file_code
+ Admin search by file_code/file_real
+ Fixed bug when users can add password protected files to My Account
+ Improved Image Mod settings
+ Last news now static file for better perfomance
+ Now files are not expiring for 3 days for expired premium users
+ Sending email notifications to users about expiring premium accounts
+ Alternative cool pre-download page
+ HTTP proxy support for remote URL upload
+ Mass Copy(clone) files in My Files
+ Fixed "Add to my account" in public folder
+ Fixed "Bad Ads words" filter on pre-download page
+ GeoIP.dat file check for SmartPoints mod
+ Country detection for Admin Files / Downloads pages (optional)
+ Disable Upload/Download for each type of User
+ Happy Hours to increase speeds for night hours
+ Resellers can't request payouts now (to avoid carders)
+ Resellers now can add money to account by themselves
+ "No anonymous payments" option to have users register first
+ 3 maintenance modes with custom messages
+ Disable uploads/downloads for the list of countries
+ Now can do server updates operation for selected servers only (avoid timeouts)
+ Option to allow comments for registered users only
+ Option to allow catalogue for registered users only

* Premium Only files option were added to the SmartPoints mod
* Hipay and OKPay were added to the Payment Gateways mod
* all leech sites was fixed in URL Leech mod
* and were added to the URL Leech mod

* New Webmaster mod (ability to earn from referral traffic)
* New Profit Mode mod (PPS/PPD earning models)
* New Server GeoIP mod (geo targeting for uploads)
* Special: New FastCGI mod for the main servers (reduce index_dl server load)

1.9 (Mar 2011)
+ Admin now can remove User Referrals on User Edit page
+ Recording IPN Logs to DB, IPN Logs admin page
+ Admin now can edit user affiliate ID
+ No useless SQL requests when disabled Comments / More Files on Download1 page
+ New mp3 no-iframe embed code which give less server load
+ Smart Profit mod: Added Tier4
+ Send emails to selected users
+ Added Unsubscription URL to Admin Emails
+ User notes field for admin
+ Added file servers testing in
+ Alternative no-server-load embed code for FLV/MP4
+ Added Image::Magick alternative resize method
+ Views counter for video/mp3 embeds
+ Security Lock added to My Account
+ Video embed code with customizable width/height
+ Deleted files email reports
+ Added payout history to Request Money page
+ Multiple cosmetics improvements
+ Maximim clean recaptcha layout
+ Special: Video encoding mod: FLV encoding added, better encoded video info
+ Special: Torrents mod: updated to 1.35 core
+ Special: Reseller mod created
+ Special: RAR mod: split archive into parts

1.8 (Jul 2010)
* Significantly improved perfomance of download pages
* Special: Embedded upload mod
* Special: Flash multi-upload mod
+ Improved "User public files" layout
+ Fixed video embed code when video player is on download2 page
+ Added inactive/pending users cleanup to Admin Users
+ Fixed short links in Mass search
+ File expiration time for each type of users
+ Show number of files in folders
+ Mass user delete
+ Improved JS tabs render time
+ Added delay option after each file download
+ Skip download0 page for images with Image mod enabled
+ Included nginx mod into code for easier integration/upgrade
+ Fixed filesize, traffic formatting
+ Reports mod: by default now showing reports from 1st of month
+ Added My Referrals page
+ Multiple URLs in Free Leech form
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Reports mod: added daily sales number
+ Image mod: optional hotlinking of original image
+ Added forum code, HTML code to Link Export
+ Dynamic payout systems list
+ mp3 embed code
+ Video mod: added "Don't show video player" option
+ Video mod: added MKV support for DivX Web Player
* Added MP4 Encoding mod

1.7 (Feb 2010)
+ Added autoplay option for mp3 player
+ Added filename order to Export list
+ Cutting long filenames in My/Admin Files
+ Autodetection of language
+ Delete IP2Files records older X days option
+ Improved PayPal redirection: now using POST redirect, disabled payment Notes
+ Show only available methods for user Payment Info
+ Added optional deletion reason when deleting file by admin
+ Multiple admin file transfer to selected server
+ JQuery campatibility
+ Mass file search by URLs
+ Personal user storage space limit
+ Showing username in latest downloads, added filter by Usename/IP
+ Restricting viewing .pm files from browser
+ Not allow to convert points to money without Payment Info
+ User referrals list in User admin
+ Single sprite flags
+ Fixed 2nd level affiliates profit from Sales
+ Implemented Admin Anti-Hack center page
+ Fixed cut of long UTF8 filenames/descr in My Files
+ Can disable anti-dupe system now
+ Fixed server files/space calc when deleting dupes
+ Added back 2Checkout payment gateway
+ Plimus gateway added
+ Showing thumbs for images/videos in Category (requires Image/Video mod)
+ File Forum/HTML codes on download page
+ Can specify email in admin user creation
+ Special: Twitter mod
+ Special: Reports mod
+ Special: added thumbnail size,watermark,thumbnail method to Image mod
+ Special: added torrent slots limit to Torrent mod
+ Special: added video embed code to Video mod
+ Special: Payment gateways mod
+ Special: Moderator mod
+ Special: PayPal subscribtions in Payment mod

1.6 (Oct 2009)
* Special: Smart Points Mod
* Special: Torrent download mod
* Added FLV/WMV players to DivX special mod
+ Added 'Delete File' button on download page for admin
+ Substracting file points when deleting files from admin
+ Splitted Admin Settings into tabs
+ Updating last_download time when showing instant image/mp3/video
+ Creating videos thumbnail in DivX mod
+ Creating thumbnail in Images mod
+ Creating HTML code in Images mod
+ Redirecting Wrong IP direct links to original download page instead of 404.html
+ Using JWPlayer for mp3 now
+ Getting tags/info from mp3
+ Misc SEO improvements
+ 4 levels of IP restrictions for download link
+ Improved file/symlinks delete perfomance
+ Added WMZ,AlertPay fields to My Account/Registration
+ Added external links list
+ Server stats now optional in Settings
+ 'Show last news in header' feature

1.5 (May 2009)
+ Added filesize limit for adding points
+ Not adding points for uploader IP
+ Added 'Export selected' function
+ Added 'Last download' field to Admin Files
+ Added Email/PayPal Email fields to Admin Payments
+ Fixed clamav viruscheck
+ Fixed JS error on upload results page with errors
+ Improved Plans comparison table
+ Transparent progress window
+ Hiding upload field when all slots used
+ New improved User Public list
+ Fixed folders with same names in Public list
+ Splitted Check Consistancy to 2 functions
+ Fixed DB-to-File check file deletion
+ Improved File-to-DB check
+ Able to set user/public when Importing files
+ Added public flag to Admin Files
+ Added public folder link to My Files
+ Added Points filter to Admin Users
+ Webmoney payments support
+ SMSCoin payments support
+ Text-link-ads support
+ Generating Google Sitemap
+ Nicer catalogue
+ Catalogue advanced search
+ deURL shortlink mod
+ Smarter 'Remote URL upload' not available message
+ 'Add to my account' feature in Catalogue
+ Megaupload URL Upload with premium login: http://LOGIN:[email protected]/....
* Special: Direct images mod
* Special: DivX player/Video snapshots mod
* Special: Free Rapidshare Leech mod

1.4 (Mar 2009)
+ Catalogue search
+ AJAX comments
+ Implemented Points-to-Money conversion
+ Fixed possible hack to download multiple files without delay
+ Added password to activation email
+ Added coupon codes for free premium days
+ Instant images optional feature
+ MP3 instant player optional feature
+ Added "Resend activation email" user function
+ Added "Re-send activation email", "Activate user" admin functions
+ Instant publish/unpublish ajax checkbox
+ Improved "Create new folder" function
+ Added Folder edit, folder description
+ Got rid of username feature in links
+ Fixed anti-dupe check when expiring files in cron
+ Added IP check to dl.cgi
+ Added filename global postfix setting
+ Edit user points from admin
+ Fixed file password issue in Chrome
+ Short server stats on main page
+ Added uploading filenames into progress bar
+ Fixed Abort Upload crossdomain problem
+ Banned Filenames logic changed to replacing bad words
+ could be run from browser manually now
+ Added sorting fields to My Files
+ Added ServerID to Admin Files
+ Fixed Copy-to-clipboard for Flash 10

1.3 (Oct 2008)
+ Improved paging perfomance
+ Implemented registration e-mail confirmation link
+ Fixed filenames with '%20', '#'
+ Removed user plain text password from user edit page
+ Added Points column to User Management
+ Sanitize filename feature
+ Ban files by md5
+ Delete reports
+ Now can use %username% in mass-mail message
+ Fixed bug with mass-delete and cron expire of dupe files
+ List of downloaders IPs and Referer pages for file
+ Overall latest downloads list
+ Banned mail servers list
+ SEO improvements on download page
+ Public catalogue by dates to improve SEO
+ Admin statistics
+ Comments moderation
+ Comments "honey pots" fields to cheat spambots
+ Comments stop-words
+ Improved upload perfomance
+ Progress bar witout upload_status.cgi
+ Progress bar On/Off switch

1.2 (Jul 2008)
+ Added RSS feed to public catalogue
+ Integrated AlertPay payments
+ Integrated 2Checkout payments
* Keep only one copy on disk for dupe files
* Multi-language localization
+ Better UTF-8 support
+ Disk space limit for registered users
+ Mass URL upload feature
+ Fixed UTF-8 filenames send
+ Files & News comments
+ Improved admin file filter
+ Regular/Premium server flags
+ Added 2Checkout/AlertPay payments support
+ Improved file folders
+ FTP links remote upload