Latest version: 3.3
Release date: March 2022

Script Features

Multiple files upload with drag & drop support

You can upload any number of files per one upload session. Can select multiple files at once. Drag and drop supported.

Remote URL Upload

Upload files from remote servers directly without using your computer traffic

Multi-Server support

Increase diskspace and bandwidth with buying extra servers. Traffic of your main server will not be used.

Transfer queue

Transfer files between servers in background, no need to keep browser open

Desktop Uploader

Your users can upload huge(up to 16 Gb tested) files with pause/resume support

Anti-dupe system

Site engine will detect dupes and use only one copy of the same files to save disk space

Multi-language support

It's possible to use your site with multiple languages, users can choose any. You can add your own new languages easily

Leech support

Upload files directly from other file sharing sites using your premium external site account (with basic auth. support)

Bitcoin support

Ability to accept Bitcoin and Paypal out of the box (without payment gateways plugin)

Newsletter system

Send bulk emails to your users

Embeded upload

Put your tiny upload form directly to your site/forum.

Memcached support

Boost your site with caching most used data in server RAM

Affiliate system

Users receive premium points from new registrations came from their affiliate and download links

Online document view

View documentes (doc, xls, pdf, rtf, pps, etc) online using Google Viewer

Mobile devices support

Separate skin for mobile users (upload & file management)

Link checker

Validate your multiple download links easily

Full UTF-8 and RTL support

You can use any filenames/descriptions/folder names. They will be displayed and recognized correctly. Also there’s RTL languages support

Download accelerators support

You can generate direct download links so any download manager will handle them. Multi-thread downloads are supported too

Files/News Comment

Let users to comment files and blog news to improve user experience

Anti-Virus protection

ClamAV Antivirus validation (requires ClamAV installed)

Coupon codes

Promote your service using coupon codes for premium days

Ban by IP

Disallow exact IPs or IP network using wildcard

Preview MP3, Documents and Images

Users can listen MP3 and preview documents (pdf, doc, etc) online before downloading

Public File Catalogue

Optional list of published files with download links

Automatic Sitemap

Feed search engines with auto-generated sitemap