Latest version: 3.3
Release date: March 2022

Custom Mods

Installation done by Sibsoft staff, dedicated or VPS server required.

Limit upload and download speed, number of simultaneous connections per IP for every user type. Control multi-threaded downloads. Enables download resume support. Count only completed downloads


With this mod your users will be able to upload files and folders over FTP with upload resume support. Files and folders will be automatically moved to user's account 5 minutes after upload.


Will improve front-end (main) server performance. You may need this mod if your site already big enough and web interface (mostly index_dl) causing high main server load.


HTTPS Secure transport protocol support


Can be activated with license key or installed by yourself

Enables browser-side end-to-end file encryption

Fetching video info, creating a snapshot, MP4 encoding, embedding online divx/flash/windows media web players into download page.


Enables REST/JSON API with upload/download functionality


Create AES256-encrypted backups on hourly/daily/weekly basis with upload to FTP storage

Additional security for users accounts: two factor auth with sms confirmation, advanced session management


Start image hosting site easily - image hotlinking, family safe switch, thumbnails and watermarks

Leech files from popular file sharing sites. You should have Premium accounts to any of these sites to have this mod working.

Using this mod you are able to leech and seed torrents on your server.


PPS/PPD/Mixed earning plans for your users and different geo-targeted tiers for PPD model.

With this mod you will be able to accept payments directly on your site using 21 payment gateways.

Manage your files remotely with any WebDav client on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac Os, iOS, Android, Blackberry)

New user role that will handle management stuff taking your time.

Delete/extract files from .rar and .zip archives, remove password from .rar archives.

Premium access resellers will boost your site earnings.

You can specify which file servers will be used for uploads from the specific countries

With this mod your users can earn using their websites/forumgs/blogs

Desktop file upload and management tool for Windows and Mac OS

Mobile file upload and management tool for Android phones and tablets


Users can register, login and share files via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and

With this mod your site will generate and "understand" really short URLs


Use CDN (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure) as your file server