Latest version: 3.3
Release date: March 2022


If you already setup your site and looking to add more storage space, but do not want to deal with server order, setup and maintenance by yourself - we would like to offer our own file storage solution. It will work as regular file server and we will take care about everything, including FTP, Video encoding support. There are 2 options:

1. Pay as you use

You're paying only for actual storage and bandwidth consumed. Storage billed for 1 GB/month, bandwidth billed per GB.

Disk storage Bandwidth
$0.015 GB/Month $0.0075 / GB

2. Pay per storage

Billed monthly per dedicated server. Fully managed & monitored by Sibsoft staff.
All servers are Dual Xeon CPU witih 16GB RAM and 1GBps port.

8 TB 16 TB 40 TB
20 TB / mo $250 / mo $300 / mo $350 / mo
Unmetered $300 / mo $350 / mo $450 / mo

  • No server setup and script install fees.
  • Configuration of our server is optimized/balanced for use with our file/video sharing scripts
  • Transfer of all data from one server to another is FREE of charge if new server is hosted with us.
  • Our servers are fully managed by professional staff
  • 24/7 server status centralized monitoring
  • We accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Webmoney, BTC, ETH, LTC