Latest version: 2.2
Release date: Aug 2023


XVS 2.2
! Queued delete files on disk after encode/transfer done (less FastCGI freezes)
! Threaded file delete per file servers (100X faster with 100 servers)
+ Mass file assign to Playlist
+ Fixed upload server selector
+ Upload: Show srv_id of upload server
+ Upload: Simple drag-n-drop upload area with auto-start
+ Fixed Premium priority in URL uploads
+ Torrent: show total progress sizes per server
+ Torrent: skip some non-video files in file list
+ Folders limit limit per user type
+ File logs for upload/transfer/encode for admin
+ JW8: Player color + Forward button
+ JW8: fixed Rewind button on mobiles
+ JW8: fixed Multi-Audio button menu
+ Admin Servers: connection + disk util filters
+ Converted all SQL tables to InnoDB
+ Fixed calculation logic for Update files number / size button
+ Fixed files functions after Export button used
+ Added css/js version number in Settings to update cache
+ File proxy pairs view + reset function in File Edit for admin

XVS 2.1
! SRT: now captions are kept on file servers and served in .m3u8
+ FFmpeg updated to 5.0
+ Decode download hash page
+ Upload server selector for admin / premium users
+ Video qualities label format for JW8 / Clappr / VideoJS
+ Remember player timestamp for each video (JW8, VideoJS, Clappr, Hola)
+ IP Blocker mod: Added manual BlackList db file
+ API: Delete File function
+ API: filter users who can use it
+ API: requests limit per minute
+ API: new functions: URL Uploads, URL upload actions, File Delete
+ My Files: configure shown columns
+ Reparse info directly from File Edit
+ Custom Ads mod
+ Admin encodings/transfers pages optimizations
+ Cold mod: upgraded to Hot/Cold mod
+ HLS: moved to HLS2 high performance mode completely
+ HLS: speed control from settings
+ SSD mod: removed, use HLS Proxy instead
+ JSON output option for browser uploads
+ DB code to use slaves SQL servers
+ Servers Functions: restart nginx/daemons, empty logs, clean torrents, empty HLS cache
+ Downloads is a subclass of Views now: using same tracking for them
+ Downloads custom profit %%

XVS 2.0 (2021-09)
! HLS mod: new HLS2 mode with chunks disk caching
! SSD mod: integration with HLS2 mod to make multiple SSD caching proxies
! HD mod: Added Ultra HD quality
! Console+ADB detection mod added
+ FFmpeg updated to 4.4
+ jQuery updated to 3.6.0
+ Encoding: better quality FDK-AAC audio codec
+ Better multi-quality tabbed management section
+ Improved static embed with invisible reCaptcha v3
+ Better file downloads pages with invisible reCaptcha v3
+ Users can restart/delete their ERROR+PENDING URL uploads
+ Encoding: much flexible and simple Encoding Priority logic
+ Audio stream only transcoding works now
+ Torrents: online servers live status
+ Torrents: Admin page huge speedup
+ Torrents: filter by User, Host in Admin
+ Torrents: auto delete torrents after X hours of inactivity
+ Torrents: number of active Peers shown for each torrent
+ Torrents: download/upload speed, max peer limits per user type
+ VideoJS: updated to 7.15.4
+ VideoJS: fixed DASH playing, timeslider, added ChromeCast+AirPlay
+ VideoJS: adjustable playback rates
+ Clappr: updated to latest stable 0.3.13
+ Clappr: fix Captions button
+ Clappr: fix timeslider sizes
+ Clappr,VideoJS,JW8: captions styling
+ FTP: only accept video file uploads
+ FTP: instant sync after upload finish
+ FTP: Admin page with current uploads status
+ 5 Ads/Profit modes selected by user
+ API: on-site better reference page with allowed functions only and user api_key

XVS 1.99 (2020-11)
! Multiple audio mod: multiple tracks support with HLS
! Clone mod: Instant upload when already have files with same size + md5
+ CentOS 8 installation guides
+ Improved encoding priority priority order
+ FFMPEG updated to 4.3.1
+ jQuery updated to 3.5.1
! New player plugin: VideoJS 7
+ New player plugin: VideoJS Plus
+ New player plugin: Fluid Player
! FastCGI mod: support for index.cgi
! FastCGI mod: support for fs.cgi
+ Huge optimization for My Videos page perfomance with many folders
+ Mass Users select checkbox
+ Mass Users status change
+ Huge optimization for User's files count in Admin Users
+ Delete Now button in Admin Files to delete from disk instantly
+ ImageProxy mod: file clones are using unique file_code now, not same file_real
+ ImageProxy mod: purge cache on file delete
+ ImageProxy mod: option to purge CloudFlare cache
+ Security: Login Validation Code through email option
+ SSD mod: skip files with encoding jobs logic
+ VAST mod: country filter added
+ Translations for upload progress
+ Smooth upload progress bar animation
+ Security: Email confirmation for Payment Info update
+ Security: disabled old code on fileserver api
+ Cleaned up leech plugins for dead sites
+ Mass Restart/Cancel/Delete from Admin Transfers list
+ New simple Priority logic in Encode list
+ Better Snapshots mod: faster shots generation
+ Security: Password last changed date added
+ Security: Captcha added to Change email + Change password pages
+ Email sending via daemon queue for best perfomance
+ Max FPS limit encoding option
+ SRT mod: mass captions import via ZIP upload
+ SRT mod: default language select for captions burn
+ Locking encoding file now to avoid double faulty encoding
+ Admin Servers filter by name, network out, servers type
+ Upload progress % in page title
+ API mod: FastCGI mode support (20X speedup)
+ DB-to-File function improved in Admin Servers

XVS 1.95 (2019-08-25)
+ VAST Ads mod: pre/mid/post-rolls support, frequency settings
+ Playing original not yet encoded MP4 over HLS
+ Alternative embed domain option
+ Clappr autoplay for static embeds
+ Aggregated encode queues stats by Host
+ JW Player update to 8.8.5
+ Browser built-in Pop-ups blocker detection added
+ Top deleter users list on Admin Deleted files page
+ Fixed DMCA Legal account and added DMCA menu option
+ Added VAST settings
+ Google Drive leech support
+ Security fixes for custom thumb uploads
+ Disable Conversion option for users
+ Adaptive MP4 fast preload size
+ Expire selected quality option
+ Extra security for expire script
+ Option to Disable IP checks on FS for Mobiles or IPv6
+ Banned Countries+IPs options in My Account
+ ImageProxy mod: shorter URL, no problems after transfer to another server
+ Restarting daemons on each Host update
+ Can disable each daemon type on Host
+ API mod: add user by admin
+ API mod: add URL upload to specific user by admin
+ Improved 'Least Encodings' next upload server logic, now count per Host
+ Upload to STORAGEs when they have few encodings to help UPLOADER
+ Upgraded Clappr player to the latest 0.3.6 version + updated all its plugins
+ Direct video links referer check to make Referer check on file server
+ Memcached mod: purge user cache on save / payout
+ Disable video pages (allow embeds only)
+ Require recaptcha before video page to stop bots / leechers
+ Disable Ads / Files expiration for specific users
+ Increase encoding priority for not MP4 files
+ Manual increase encoding priority button
+ Payouts: added Processed date + translated page
+ Blocked IPs/money saved daily stats for + IP Block mod
+ Clappr player: VAST ads support
+ No play videos from UPLOADER/ENCODER servers option
+ Now using GeoLite2 DB to resolve IP to country
+ 'Export direct download links' admin button

XVS 1.9 (2018-07-11)
+ Encoder: make HD quality if video size 20% larger than Normal but lower than HD
+ Encoder: use original audio rate if it's less than settings
+ Security: User password now is non-reversible PBKDF2 hash
+ VideoJS player upgraded to version 6
+ JW Player 7 updated to lastest 7.12.13 version
+ JW Player 8 plugin added
+ New money limit: Max paid views per day from same IP
+ P2P mod is free now
+ Can dedicate servers for selected users / countries only
+ JWPlayer 7,8: autofullscreen on mobiles
+ JWPlayer 7/8, Clappr: Force default quality
+ Improved video parsing using ffprobe
+ Clappr: control HLS preload size
+ DMCA mod: Redirect Hide option
+ API mod: added SetFolder, FileList functions
+ Watch Later predefined playlist added
+ embed_deleted.html custom template
+ Channel name / avatar added
+ Email format: Text or HTML
+ Emails now customizable with templates
+ Encoding smart queue to avoid videos waiting long time for last quality
+ Video Preview mod: use fast transcoding from already encoded video
+ Zevera leech plugin updated
+ Check server RAM, CPU, Network info in Host form
+ Server network overload: no transfers, uploads logic added
+ Encoding list: pending quality versions stats
+ Option to always show Recaptcha on Login page
+ Option to let file owner decide about ADB disable forcing
+ Alternative Ads Mode option added
+ Disable embeds on selected domains option
+ Upload using multiple files select
+ HLS mod: Remove MP4 sources option
+ SRT mod: srt burn style settings
+ Admin can set custom file code now!
+ Cold Storage mod
+ IP Block mod
+ Fixed Original quality downloads for non-encoded vids
+ Upload authorization by API key

XVS 1.8 (2017-08-16)
+ DMCA Delete mod
+ Kodi Pair mod
+ API mod
+ Single server mod
+ P2P mod with Peer5, Streamroot
+ Admin search by video direct link
+ Reverted back to traffic logs views/money count
+ Youtube plugin better quality & description parse
+ Country Tier 5 added
+ No money when no Referer option
+ Main / File servers IP check for better security
+ Custom UserAgent header for better security
+ Clappr now support .vtt subtitles with mp4
+ Force users disable ADB option
+ ADB views user stats
+ ADB views stats
+ Folder share link
+ SSD mod: Delete from SSD button
+ Not allowed UserAgents option
+ FTP mod: ftp password different from account one
+ Mailgun mail sending support
+ Updated JW Player to 7.12.6 version

XVS 1.7 (2017-01-20)
+ Daily Country stats per user
+ Encoding quality order in HD mod
+ Removed FLV container support
+ Fair encoding slots option
+ Remember last upload mode
+ Sort by Title when inside folder
+ Link to folder on File Edit page
+ Choose folder on upload form
+ Use Screenlist/Timeslider thumb as Player image
+ Alternative speed preset for large encoding queues
+ Optimized TimeSlider mod requests
+ Ajax folder creation in Upload Form
+ New high-perfomance Torrent mod engine
+ Clappr video player support
+ High Load mode with auto on/off
+ Shift-Click for mass checkbox selections
+ Parent folders path list
+ Reworked Deleted Files page with Restore option
+ Added Deleted files number to Stats
+ Improved Host/Server pages, added Server Notes
+ SRT mod
+ User flag not to expire his files
+ New Next upload server logic using encoding queue
+ Fixed Timeslider mod in Safari browser
+ Replaced Flash copy-to-clipboard with HTML5
+ Optimized total user diskspace used check
+ Updated JW Player 7 to 7.7.1 version
+ Disable IP check option
+ IPBlock mod: optional stats added

XVS 1.6 (Feb 2016)
* JW Player 7 support
* New HLS/DASH streaming mod
* Image proxy mod
* Static embeds code
+ Auto crontab during installation
+ IP/Login brute-force security
+ Related videos player plugin
+ FTP mod: sync only users logged last 14 days
+ Prevent encoding files from transfers
+ Prevent transferring files from encoding
+ Responsive iFrame embed code
+ SSD mod: No serve from OFF SSD
+ Views table perfomance optimizations
+ Upload parameters cleanup
+ Top traffic/money IP list
+ Servers totals in/out network speeds, disk usage
+ Total server encoding FPS
+ Option to disable HD quality when server speed > 90%
+ Allow embeds only option

XVS 1.5 (Apr 2015)
* HLS mod with adaptive quality
* Clone upload mod
* Transcoding of video/audio streams without re-encoding when codec/bitrate match conditions
* FastCGI mod: 30% perfomance boost + DB connections pooling
+ Sitemaps: 5000+ files support, Bing ping, robots.txt fix
+ TimeSlider mod: really nice shots transitions effect
+ Fix: avoid serving from OFF SSD server
+ Added fade-in player ads block
+ RTMP mod: faster links generation, optional SMIL/HTTP fallback
+ Re-encoding of videos without Original possible now
+ Limit: Not allowed referers
+ Expiration headers for index / static pages
+ Faster snapshot generation
+ Screenlist / timeslider generation speed improvements
+ FLV encoded with MP3 audio now
* Player skins pack mod
+ HTML::Template::Pro faster templater
+ Much better UTF8 suport
+ Partial IPv6 support
+ Updated jQuery to 1.11.1
+ Memcached mod: fixed folders caching
+ Gmail sending support
+ JW6: embed player now responsive for iframe size + showing title
+ Admin Views page optimizations
+ Admin Search by tag
+ Highlighting HDD high usage/utilization in Servers list
+ Fixed encoding status on Embed page
+ Encoding Status: seconds left info added
+ Admin Featured: improved view, ajax remove
+ Standard menu on all upload pages
+ FTP mod: FTP Upload page with server details
+ MP4Box/yamdi postprocessing for non-encoded MP4/FLV
+ YouTube plugin rewritten
+ New recaptcha mode
+ Subtitles burn option for MKV
+ Download button over video in embeds
+ Now can configure number of views for Tiers
+ Uppercase link code option
+ Progress bar for URL uploads list
+ Admin improvements on Encoding / Transfer queue pages
+ Watermark mod: scrolling text can be looped now
+ WebVTT subtitles format support
+ Hot files last 3 days server-to-server transfer filter

XVS 1.4 (Aug 2014)
* Memcached mod
* Limit: Play only first X seconds of video
* Latest NGINX version support
* Optimized pure-NGINX file upload
* Optimized pure-NGINX upload progress
* NGINX can work on default 80 port now!
* JW6 player support
+ CloudFlare compatibility
+ Support of Login/Payment plugins from XFS
+ Mobile support option for Normal quality
+ 3 types of next upload server logic
+ Custom snapshot upload
+ SRT auto-extract feature
+ Dynamic export codes
+ Player: use DivX player for not encoded videos
+ Player: Sharing plugin
+ Player: Lightsout plugin
+ Admin Files cosmetics
+ Fixed xxxxxxxxxxxx.html link format Mass Search
+ SSD mod: Filesize limit
+ News body cut tag
+ Optional TOS checkbox
+ Premium Only category flag
+ SQL mass optimize/repair/backup functions
+ Category/Tags/Public/Adult flags for URL/Torrent uploads
+ Total User Views profit / Payouts daily stats
+ Improved admin stats graphs
+ Payouts: paid/rejected user history
+ Payouts: payment info in transaction now
+ Payouts: history page
+ Limit: Max working  URL uploads per User type
+ Limit: Max daily uploads per User type
+ Security: allow site in frames or not
+ Security: banned countries
+ Dynamic RTMP Streaming with JW6 player and RTMP mod (SMIL)
+ Timeslider mod: page slides better quality

XVS 1.3 (Jul 2013)
+ Watermark mod: static image mode added
+ Fixed unencoded dupe detection
+ Torrents mod: upgraded to 1.50 version / magnet links support
+ Torrents mod: can view each file progress in torrent, able to exclude files
+ Fixed YouTube leech plugin
+ Smart encoder server choose algorithm
+ Login history page for User
+ Login limits feature: Account sharing + Login throttle
+ Added optional Lanczos video resize
+ Social Login mod: added Google+ authorization
+ Fixed Views referer
+ Mass tag add function
+ Optional auto PremiumOnly option for allowed users
+ Change Password extra page
+ Login as user admin feature
+ Translations now in SQL database
+ Max bitrate limit for CRF mode
+ SRT styling options added
+ Auto video sending speed using video size/duration
+ Mass delete HD/Low/Original versions of videos
+ Delete links are optional now
+ High-bandwidth files admin page
+ Sticky category on upload form
+ Mass Set file extra fields
+ Playing original MP4/FLV while video is encoding
+ Error on video page if encoding failed
+ Auto player height calculation if omitted
+ Tier points with length or filesize
+ Folders merge feature
+ Mass file rename
+ Option to keep original MP4/FLV video without reencoding
+ FLV playing
+ Optional no reencoding for MP4/FLV files
+ Implemented encoding to FLV container

+ deURL mod

XVS 1.2 (Feb 2013)

+ Video length filters for main page
+ Torrents user filter: All/Premium/Selected
+ All Categories page added
+ Now can add any number of custom text fields for video. Search by these fields added.
+ MP4 video now supported for downloads
+ Fixed Video Preview mod for Embed2
+ Restrict domains your embed videos can work on
+ Favorites list for Registered / Anonymous users
+ Just Added section on Index page
+ Updated to the latest JW Player 5.10
+ New video resize logic: Fit to WxH
+ Add to My Account (optional)
+ Country resolve by IP (optional)
+ Reseller mod: resellers can automatically add money now
+ Auto-approve after X approved files option
+ Improved Moderator approval page with snapshot + screenlist link
+ Improved Admin Transactions page: added payment type, referer, link to IPN log
+ IPN log improvements: added creation date index/filter, added payment type logging
+ Moderator mod: implemented Legal accounts with daily delete limit
+ Video Preview mod: can choose source quality for preview
+ Webmasters mod
+ Premium Only video flag for selected users available
+ Mass category edit
+ Shaving mod for Views/Sales
+ Preview mod: now it's possible to just create preview without encoding whole video at all
+ Multiple languages SRT upload
+ Moderator mod: daily delete limit, thumbnails view
+ Extra user fields on Registration / My Account
+ Video Preview mod: optional ability to upload custom Preview Video
+ Login/Registration/My Account security fixes
+ Referer security checks to avoid any XSS vulnerabilities
+ Admin functions moved to adm.cgi for perfomance/security
+ Site Maintenance modes added

XVS 1.1 (Jul 2012)

* Reimplemented server types. Now have: UPLOADER, ENCODER, STORAGE
* Video now gets playable when at least one quality encoded
+ Make money dynamic page
+ Now using 100% complete logic to count Views / Profit
+ Custom transfer speed for each Host
+ Original video details on Watch Video page
+ Added LibertyReserve, HiPay, OKPay, PaymentWall payment gateways
+ Deleting multiple links from Abuse message
+ Better file Export / Share code
+ Fixed URL Upload IP
+ URL upload status / error details for users
+ Private Files user option
+ Encode video to Normal / High quality only if size > encoding size
+ Account IP security filter
+ CDN optional URL to cache static image/css/js files
+ Setting affiliate cookie with JS now to avoid clickers
+ Category / Public flag for Torrents
+ Optimize HDD Perfomance option to prevent multiple transfers to single HDD
+ Admin Transactions page implemented
+ Fixed thumbnails proportions
+ Screenlist mod: thumbnail max size
+ Video Re-encode admin button
+ Admin can view User Reports now
+ Deleted files list in My Videos
+ zero-size protection when HDD is full
+ Quick option to disable news
+ Added number of nginx connections to server stats
+ Mass regenerate thumbs for selected videos
+ Updated CGI modules
+ SQL Stats page added
+ Files status added: OK, PENDING or LOCKED
+ Optional files pre-approve mode. Auto-approved users are possible
+ Added admin files filter by Views number, search by file code
+ Categories move up/down functions
+ Saving Source URL for URL uploads now (available on Edit File page)
+ Allow uploads to Selected users only
+ Safe file expiration cron (delete confirmation when opening in browser)
+ FTP mod web settings, old users/subdirs cleanup, multi-HDD support

(*) HD/Low mod many improvements
(*) Time Slider mod
(*) Video Preview mod
(*) Watermark mod
(*) Snaphot mod
(*) User Monitoring (Trends) mod