XVideosharing video hosting script HTTPS mod

High performance video streaming site solution

Latest version: 2
Release date: Sep 2021

XVideoSharing: HTTPS protocol mod

This mod enables HTTPS secure protocol for your site and file servers.

We will purchase special wildcard certificate for your domain and subdomains and secure your apache/nginx servers to support HTTPS protocol.

Visitors nowdays care about their security and personal information a lot. This mod ensure that all traffic between your users and servers will be encrypted well.

We provide the BEST price for you for Wildcard Certificate.
You can check other big site prices: $599 on Thawte, $475 on Digicert, $404 on Comodo, $269 on Godaddy

XVideoSharing HTTPS mod

Default certificate period is 1 year. We can offer you 2-years certificates also, so you won't have problems renewing it for long time. Contact us for details.