Latest version: 2.1
Release date: Jun 2022

XVideoSharing: Memcached mod

When your site get popular you can face some overload problems even on a high-end server.
Memcached mod will help you to drop database load a lot. It caches popular DB queries for 30 seconds, so often-used requests won't hit the database anymore.

We're caching these kinds of queries:
  • Sessions check
  • Folders list
  • My Files statistics
  • Categories list
  • Searches
  • Servers list
  • Single File records
  • More Files lists
  • File tags list
  • File votes

XVideoSharing Memcached mod

You can check current memcached stats and flush all cached from admin area.

Installation instructions:
1) Install memcached daemon & required Perl modules:
yum install memcached perl-Cache-Memcached perl-Digest-SHA1
2) Start daemon and add it to autostart:
/etc/init.d/memcached start
echo "/etc/init.d/memcached start" >> /etc/rc.local

You can change memcached max connections / max size limits in it's config: