XVideosharing video hosting script multi audio tracks mod

High performance video streaming site solution

Latest version: 2
Release date: Sep 2021

XVideoSharing: Multi Audio Tracks mod

With this mod you can upload MKV or MP4 videos with multiple language tracks and they will be encoded into MP4 with multi audio tracks which you will be able to switch in JW, Clappr, VideoJS players with HLS enabled.

You can choose default language so it will be default in encoded video even when it's not in source.
This default language logic will work even if you encode 1 track only.

You can allow your users to choose default audio track for their videos. This option will be added in My Account page.

Requires HLS mod to enable language selector in player.

Players supported:

JWPlayer 8:
multiple audio tracks jw8

multiple audio tracks videojs

multiple audio tracks clappr