XVideosharing video hosting script RTMP mod

High performance video streaming site solution

Latest version: 1.9
Release date: July 2018

XVideoSharing: RTMP mod

The Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) was designed for high-performance video streaming specially for Flash player.

This advanced protocol allows low-latency communication and deliver streams smoothly.

You can clearly notice profit from this mod when starting / seeking video - it works about 5-10 times faster! Looks like real magic after regular HTTP protocol.

We serve RTMP with NGINX high-perfomance server, so you won't need to buy expensive license for Wowza/Adobe Flash Media Server licenses.

Also with this mod you can save your server traffic (up to 50% according to some site owners) cause video is not buffering when user pause playing. This is a big save in server perfomance / hardware cost.

UPDATE: now 100% complete feature is supported by RTMP mod as well!