Current version: 1.6
Release date: June 2015

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XFilemirror is a file mirroring solution by Sibsoft which will able you to start your own file mirroring service.

Uploaded files will be automatically distributed to several file sharing sites. Upload can be performed through browser, or through direct download links (FTP is also supported). The script can use user's premium account to upload (and download) files. That way, script can be used to transfer files from one file hosting to another.

There's also no need to keep your browser open during distribution (but it should be opened during upload). Once you get the download link - you can close the browser window, because the distribution process will be performed in the background.

The good news is that there's no need for a lot of disk space in the server, because the script does not keep uploaded files on disk. Uploaded files are instantly deleted right after they are uploaded on file sharing sites. That will also help you to avoid DMCA complaints if someone uploads copyrighted content.

Your service can be easily monetized by placing ADs on pre-download and download pages through admin panel. But if you have basic HTML skills - you can easily customize the look and feel of entire script and place ADs everywhere you want.

In case your server's IP is banned by file sharing sites, you can use HTTP proxy to keep your service working.

By purchasing our solution, you're not only obtaining the script itself, but you also receive professional support and timely upload/download plugins fixes if they break because of some changes on the file sharing site.


10 file mirrors out of the box
  • Multiple files upload
    You can upload multiple files at once.
    Remote HTTP/FTP leech
    You can specify several HTTP or FTP links and have them uploaded without downloading files on your computer. Basic HTTP auth. is supported as well.
    AJAX upload progress bar
    Using advanced AJAX technology to refresh current upload/download status.
    Unlimited upload file size
    You able to upload files as big as your server can handle, no software limits
    Background upload
    Right after file(s) uploaded on server, there's no need to wait till they will be transloaded on file sharing sites - you can close browser window as everything will be performed in the background.
    HTTP Proxy support
    You can use HTTP proxy for uploading in case if your server's IP was banned.
    Premium account support
    Ability to upload/download using premium accounts.
    ADs placement
    Place your ads on pre-download page or in iframe which will be shown when user will visit download link.
    Customizable Look and Feel
    You can easily customize your site look and feel by editing HTML templates
    Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
    HTML code is W3C compliant. Online validation
    FTP Upload
    Users can save files onto their FTP server specified in "My account".
    Automatic link checker
    Each link will be checked automatically (admin should specify how often).
    Desktop File Manager (optional)
    Your users can manage their files with Windows desktop application.
    Affiliate System + Payment Gateways new! (optional)
    Your users can earn by referring other people to buy premium access to your system.
    Supported payment gateways: CashU, DaoPay, Hipay, iKoruna, Skrill, MTGox, OKPay, Payza, PCash, Plimus, Paymentwall, SMSCoin, Sprypay, 2CO, Webmoney
    Remote upload API
    Integrate your site with other systems
    Multiple upload servers support
    You can distribute banwidth and cpu load across several serves.

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    By ordering XFilemirror, you will receive:
    » Zip file with script and installation instructions
    » Free installation service if needed
    » 1 year of FREE updates (new script versions & plugin fixes)
    » Support service via our ticket system


    This program is the intellectual property of SibSoft Ltd. By ordering one copy of XFilemirror license, you obtain right to use (install) it on only one domain/website. Redistribution is prohibited, and copies are permitted for backup purposes only. You are free to modify the program for your own use, but you may not distribute any modified copies of it.


    • Linux OS
    • Apache web server with mod_rewrite module
    • .htaccess files support []
    • Perl higher than 5.007 version
    • Perl LWP module
    • MySQL database
    • DBI, DBD::mysql perl modules
    • GD lib, GD perl module (Optional)



    Please visit related XFilemirror Support Forum for common problem solutions. If you still have any problems with installing or integrating - please email or contact us and we will help you with installation and integration.

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