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XVideoSharing is last generation powerfull video tube script. We've used all our experience from XFileSharing Pro script, added lots of video magic and got great Video Tube Script for you.


Pure HTML templates
All script templates are standard HTML files with some extra tags. So you can modify/style them as you need. Read more about templates
Up to 4K UltraHD quality encoding
Our script don't have any video size limits, so you can encode 4K and larger videos
Input MKV/MP4/AVI/WMV/MPG video format support
You can encoded any video having these extensions: avi,mkv,mpg,mpeg,vob,wmv,flv,mp4,mov,m2v,divx,xvid,3gp,webm,ogv,ogg
MP4 / FLV video encoding
We use modern x264 MPEG4 video codec + AAC audio codec for video encoding
Online video player with streaming
You can start watching video in a few seconds without waiting to download full file
Support for mobile Phones / HTML5
Video player support HTML5 playing on iOS / Android platform
Built-in NGINX support
Serve streaming video files with custom lightweight high-perfomance NGINX web server
Multi-Server support
Extend diskspace and bandwidth buying extra cheap servers
Multi-HDD support
Use up to 24 HDDs per server
Full UTF-8 support
You can use any filenames/descriptions/folder names. They will be displayed and recognized correctly.
Partner system
Attract masters to your site paying them for each Premium sale or Video view
Server space / network / load monitoring
You can monitor all servers current In/Oout speeds + load average + HDD usage/utilization on a single page
Encoding / Transfers / URL Uploads realtime progress
You can see what files are processing right now and delete any pending file from queue
Current encoding FPS and URL Upload speed are displayed for each process.
Encoding / Transfers / URL Uploads multiple instances per server
Speedup queued processes using 2-3 multiple daemons working simultaneously
Watch time limit
Limit amount of watch time for free users and stimulate them to buy Premium account.


You can add extra mods to default script to improve your site:
Video Encoding mods
HD / Low quality mod   $180
Encode 2 Extra video qualities! HD and Mobile low-quality will be created
Video Effects mod   $115
Edit / enhance video after upload.
Video Watermark mod   $250
Watermark your videos with text / running text / fading logo image
Video Preview mod   $200
Encode single preview video from multiple chunks of original video.
Upload mods
FTP upload mod   $320
Allow users to upload files via FTP. Upload resume supported!
Clone upload modNEW   $75
Instantly clone multiple files to your account. No time waste with reuploading anymore!
Torrent upload mod   $140
Using this mod you are able to upload torrent files to your server
Video Streaming mods
RTMP Streaming modHot   $300
Use RTMP streaming protocol for quick video start/seek
HLS Streaming modNEW   $240
Advanced streaming technology working on iOS / Android
Images mods
Time Slider mod   $225
Preview snapshots of video directly when moving mouse over time seek bar
Screenlist mod   $150
Create video screenlist images for uploaded videos
Better Snapshots mod   $150
Let you or your users to choose exact snapshot from their videos
Users mods
Payment Gateways mod   $80
With this mod you will be able to accept payments directly on your site using many popular payment gateways.
Reseller mod   $80
Special users able to create and resell premium keys so you can earn even much from your site!
Moderator mod   $60
You can choose special users that will handle management stuff taking your time
User monitoring mod   $90
Track your most powerfull webmasters stats on one page
Social Login mod   $70
Your users can now Register/Login in 2 clicks through Facebook/Twitter/Google+/VK
Website Profit mod   $130
Now your users can earn extra profit posting links on their websites
Video Player mods
Player Skins Pack mod   $60
Add some beauty to your JW6, JW7 player. Be unique!
Short URL mod   $50
Shorten and Hide your download links
Perfomance mods
FastCGI modPower!   $250
Nginx + FastCGI will be used to serve download pages, 20x performance gain.
Memcached mod   $160
Cache most used SQL queries to speedup your site
SSD mod   $200
Copy most-used hot files to special fast SSD servers to prevent overload of storage servers

Order XVideoSharing

Customize your XFS Pro package
XVideoSharing script ($600)

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Have a coupon?

You can buy additional mods later at any time.

Feel free to Contact Us to ask us about custom mods you need.

We will install and configure complete system for you with no extra fee.
Installation usually takes 1-2 max days after complete payment.

We will install all the LATEST software on your server: ffmpeg encoder, x264 advanced video codec, NGINX high perfomance web server, MP4Box/Yamdi video meta injector tools, IP2Country database.


  • Can I order mods later after when I need them?

    Yes, you can order extra mods any time when you need them and have enough budget.

  • Will my license expire? Is it checking through your site?

    No, license don't have any expiration date and not checking through our site, so you're completely autonomous.

  • I need custom features/modifications for my script, can you help me?

    Yes, create a ticket with your custom requirements and we will give you exact price quote for it.


XVideoSharing works in all major browsers (FireFox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari).
It requires Linux dedicated server. CentOS 6, 64-bit is recommended.

  • Linux OS (CentOS,Debian) (No FreeBSD please)
  • No cPanel or other panels please
  • We will handle full installation ourselves



Please visit related XVideoSharing Support Forum for common problem solutions. If you still have any problems with installing or integrating - please email or contact us and we will help you with installation and integration.


This program is the intellectual property of SibSoft Ltd. By ordering one copy of XVideoSharing license, you obtain right to use (install) it on only one domain/website. Redistribution is prohibited, and copies are permitted only for backup purposes. You are free to modify the program for your own use, but you may not distribute any modified copies of it.

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