XFileSharing Default Features

Multiple files upload
You can upload any number of files per one request. Set max number of files in config
Unlimited upload file size
You able to upload files as big as your server can handle, no software limits
AJAX upload progress bar
Using advanced AJAX technology to refresh current progress status: percents completed, current speed, estimate time
Upload limits
Limit upoaded files by overall size, single file size, file extension
Send download link to specified e-mail
Save your time sending download link to your friend directly after upload
Password protected downloads
Set password to access your files
Captcha protection
Avoid downoads leeching and Contact form spamming with graphic or smart-text captcha
Adjustable download countdown
Let users view & click on your ads while waiting for download
Customizable Look and Feel
You can totally customize your site editing HTML templates
Advanced admin area
Change upload/download settings online. View/search/delete all files and users
Ban by IP
Disallow exact IPs or IP network using wildcard
User Accounts
Let users register personal account on your site to expand upload/download limits and manage their files
Multi-Server support
Increase diskspace and bandwidth buying extra cheap servers
Storage space limits
Limit total disk space used by users
Full UTF-8 support
You can use any filenames/descriptions/folder names. They will be displayed and recognized correctly.
Multi-language support
It's possible to use your site with multiple languages, users can choose any. You can add your own new language easily
Anti-dupes system
You won't need to keep multiple copies of same file, our engine smartly detect dupes and use only one copy to save disk space
FTP links remote upload support
You can upload links from FTP host directly to server. FTP authorization and progress bar are supported
Files/News Comment
Let users to comment files, blog news to improve user experience
Free/Premium servers
Specify what type of users each server will be used for
Script-less progress bar
Upload progress bar with no CGI scripts included to lower server load
Downloads tracking
Track distinct file or overall latest downloads with Referer/IP info in Admin Area
Comments moderation
Easily moderate list of latest comments left on your site to avoid spam 100%
Site Statistics
Visually check how many files were uploaded/downloaded, how many users registered per day, how much bandwidth consumed, track payments
RapidShare, Megaupload files upload support
Upload files directly from RapidShare/Megaupload using your premium external site account
Support all download accelerators
You can generate direct download links so any download manager will handle them. Multi-thread downloads are supported too
3 types of users: Anonymous, Registered and Premium
You can configure limits for each user type. It's possible to enable/disable anonymous upload, user registrations or premium features.
Flexible Ads settings
Put your ads to any part of your page and configure show them to each type of users or not
Remote URL upload
Upload files from remote servers directly without using your machine traffic
File Folders
Organize your files into folders
Link export
Export list of your links in one click
Link checker
Validate your multiple download links easily
Public File Catalogue
Optional list of published files with download links
Admin File Import
You can upload files to FileServer via FTP yourself, then import them from Admin area
Ban filenames
Disallow filenames with restricted words like 'crack','porno'
Ban filenames signature
Disallow files with banned md5 hash signature.
Anti-Virus protection
ClamAV Antivirus validation (requires ClamAV installed)
Server maintenance tools
Admin can run synchronization tools to avoid dead files/broken links/incorrect server stats
6 download link formats
Choose short or long download link format you like to use on site
Desktop Uploader
Your users can upload huge(up to 16 Gb tested) files with pause/resume support
Download sample uploader
Preview MP3 and images
User can listen MP3 file or look at image instantly before downloading
Points-to-Profit System new
Your users can convert their points into cash (PayPal batch payment)
Coupon codes new
Promote your service using coupon codes for premium days
Google Sitemaps support new
Automatically generate google sitemap file with all site links and ping google to fetch it
Affiliate system new
Users receive premium points from new registrations came from their affiliate and download links
Auto-adding postfix to filename new
Add your site postfix to the end of every file hosted on your service
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