XFileSharing Pro - DMCA? And legal stuff

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DMCA? And legal stuff

#1 Postby thebeer » Feb 10, 2010 5:43 pm

Has anyone ever had any problems with DMCA or any copyrighted content? If you have.. what did your host do? Shut you down or direct the complaint to you?

How to evade any problems related to copyrighted content?

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#2 Postby PowerChaos » Feb 10, 2010 7:48 pm

well to be honnest , i got those complains a lot more then you even can think off : D

it all depends on your host :S

if your host is like me , then he warns you and give you a little time to remove it

if your host is not like me then he just kick yout butt

so its best to ask your host to warn you before they terminate you with out knowing why (happends with me before :S)

so far i know , they mostly suspend you until you contact them and then you need to figure out the reason why , then after you took care of then it get back unsuspended

so it totaly depends on how nice your host is :D

Greets From PowerChaos