Latest version: 1.6
Release date: June 2015


About XFileMirror

XFilemirror is a file mirroring solution by Sibsoft which will able you to start your own file mirroring service.

Uploaded files will be automatically distributed to several file sharing sites. Upload can be performed through browser, or through direct download links (FTP is also supported). The script can use user's premium account to upload (and download) files. That way, script can be used to transfer files from one file hosting to another.


License Agreement

By purchasing or using the Product, you acknowledge and agree to the End User Agreement.


  • Linux OS
  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite module
  • .htaccess files support [http://www.tutorio.com/tutorial/enable-mod-rewrite-on-apache]
  • Perl higher than 5.007 version
  • Perl LWP module
  • MySQL database
  • DBI, DBD::mysql perl modules
  • GD lib, GD perl module (Optional)


Please visit related XFileMirror Support Forum for common problem solutions. If you still have any problems with installing or integrating - please contact us and we will help you with installation and integration.