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How to start for newbie

#1 Postby thaer » Sep 15, 2015 9:22 pm


I'm a web developer and for may years i use a lot of file hosting website using xFileSharing Pro script and i know it may be very good extra income, So i want to get more details on how to get started to launch my own file hosting service.

I saw the buying page and i think i will go for the script + SmartPoints mode + CDN (i have Microsoft Azure), So could anyone please get me to the right way to start my own one :)

Thanks in advance,

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#2 Postby AnotherIdiot » Sep 18, 2015 6:42 am


In a friendly way i'd like to help you. Firstly identify your core group. File hosting is a massively overpopulated space so to be successful have a reason to host files.

Without a need to host files or any background/history a lot of people are not going to trust your host. Adding your site to WJunction before you have any kind of history will pretty much see you laughed at as file hosting services rise and fall all the time.

To begin with your host will not make money, simple fact. You will have to soak up all costs, this includes pay outs using the smart points mod. As for a CDN check the prices. If i use a CDN based on my traffic i would be charged around $400-$500 a month, rather than a flat server fee which is a much better price for me.

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