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My Server Specs.

#1 Postby 99uploads » Aug 04, 2015 11:22 pm

Hello All .....
i have a site with 50k/day downloads, upto 300 user online (google analytic stat) server spec are..
Intel Xeon E5 1410 v2
4 Core | 96GB RAM | 2x4 TB HDD |
1Gbps Uplink |
i just want to know.. how much more traffic it can handle ? from 300 online to ? 1000 or 2k ?
i am using only one server for both site and files...
and i have unlimited uploads , downloads , filesize is 4gb :p no other limits for free + premium :p

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#2 Postby hostlife » Aug 09, 2015 12:35 am


Actually you don't need that much ram.

Best suggestion is to keep site/main server & file server separate. Using only 1 server will be a nightmare soon :(

Get a simple quad core 3440 or similar, with 8-16gb ram & 2x500gb in raid 1 for main site
any quad core or old dual E5620 or similar, with 16gb ram, 4x2TB or more hdds & it will be all fine.

This will be cheap & most reliable solution.

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