XFileSharing Pro - Encoding mod and already uploaded video files

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Encoding mod and already uploaded video files

#1 Postby alexfad » Jan 23, 2016 5:17 pm

Hi! As far as I understood this mod can convert the video file right after it was uploaded. But the main question is can it convert all videos which were uploaded before mod's installation?

If not so what can I do if I want to convert all avi/mkv/wmv/...etc into mp4?

Thanx to anyone who can help out :)

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#2 Postby krvaM » Jun 04, 2016 4:07 pm

Hi. I talk with support for the same. And I explained that there can only be passed to mp4 uploads activated after the mod

I have problems activating the mp4 mod, and I have all the files but they told me that you install a run ./mplayer , you could you help me tell me how to do step by step ?

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