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XVideoSharing 1.99

#1 Postby PilgrimX182 » Nov 18, 2020 7:46 am

It took me much time to release 1.99, but had some tasty features to add.

ChangeLog for 1.99:

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! Multiple audio mod: multiple tracks support with HLS
! Clone mod: Instant upload when already have files with same size + md5
+ CentOS 8 installation guides
+ Improved encoding priority priority order
+ FFMPEG updated to 4.3.1
+ jQuery updated to 3.5.1
! New player plugin: VideoJS 7
+ New player plugin: VideoJS Plus
+ New player plugin: Fluid Player
! FastCGI mod: support for index.cgi
! FastCGI mod: support for fs.cgi
+ Huge optimization for My Videos page perfomance with many folders
+ Mass Users select checkbox
+ Mass Users status change
+ Huge optimization for User's files count in Admin Users
+ Delete Now button in Admin Files to delete from disk instantly
+ ImageProxy mod: file clones are using unique file_code now, not same file_real
+ ImageProxy mod: purge cache on file delete
+ ImageProxy mod: option to purge CloudFlare cache
+ Security: Login Validation Code through email option
+ SSD mod: skip files with encoding jobs logic
+ VAST mod: country filter added
+ Translations for upload progress
+ Smooth upload progress bar animation
+ Security: Email confirmation for Payment Info update
+ Security: disabled old code on fileserver api
+ Cleaned up leech plugins for dead sites
+ Mass Restart/Cancel/Delete from Admin Transfers list
+ New simple Priority logic in Encode list
+ Better Snapshots mod: faster shots generation
+ Security: Password last changed date added
+ Security: Captcha added to Change email + Change password pages
+ Email sending via daemon queue for best perfomance
+ Max FPS limit encoding option
+ SRT mod: mass captions import via ZIP upload

I relly like Multi Audio mod. Now you can transcode your MKV with multiple languages tracks and choose your language in player. Supported player are: JWPlayer 8, VideoJS 7, Clappr. Also you can choose default language there in case yours goes not first.

VideoJS 7 player is great, implemented brand new plugin for it. Also there's experimental VideoJS+ player which is very nice, but miss some mods.

Another huge improvement is in FastCGI mod: updated index.cgi + fs.cgi to work in FastCGI mode, so your site will be twice faster now.

Also I like the new experimental feature from Clone Upload mod: when you click Upload File we calculate it's MD5 hash and check your DB for it. If found match then we don't start slow upload but make instant clone of this old file and redirect to Upload Results page. So 5GB file upload can take about 1 second now. Sweet, eh? :)

Rewritten email sending function so it's sending using queue, not blocking the main script. This should give big perfomance gain when somebody using lotta email sending.

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Re: XVideoSharing 1.99

#2 Postby PilgrimX182 » Jan 29, 2021 5:39 am

Also have to mention that multiple critical vulnerabilities were fixed in latest 1.99 version. Script it safe now.

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