XFileSharing Pro - Problems after .htaccess modifications

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Problems after .htaccess modifications

#1 Postby afdah » Aug 26, 2012 12:32 am


after adding the below rule, my file manager operation does not work as expected.
RewriteRule ^files\.html$ /cgi-bin/index.cgi?op=my_files [L,NC]

For example, I want to sort the files shown by ascending filename
By browser shows this:
http://domain.com/files.html?fld_id=0&o ... order=down

To make it work, I need to do this:
http://domain.com/?fld_id=0&op=my_files ... order=down

The url variable "?fld_id=0&op=my_files&sort_field=file_name&sort_order=down" is stored in <TMPL_VAR s_file_name>

Changing the variable to "/?fld_id=0&op=my_files&sort_field=file_name&sort_order=down" will work

Where do I find <TMPL_VAR s_file_name> ?