XFileMirror - Remote HTTP/FTP leech

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Remote HTTP/FTP leech

#1 Postby Shiva » Aug 03, 2014 9:26 am


I'm interested in acquire XFileMirror however I have two doubts.

[ 1 ]
Lets suppose I have this link: http://ul.to/xxxxxxxx/the.file.avi

Could I do a remote leech it to other 10 hosts if I had premium uploaded account and specified my credentials in the "XFileMirror > Settings > Accounts" page?

Imagine that the http://ul.to/xxxxxxxx/the.file.avi link is from a third party user and he does not have direct link activated, would this remote upload/leech be possible?

[ 2 ]
Would XFileMirror script work in a subdomain? I have all requirements fro it to work but would it work in a subdomain?

Sorry any noob question. I hope I was clear enough with my doubts.

Looking forward to positive answer.

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#2 Postby gist » Aug 11, 2014 5:42 am


1 answer is No.
User must set direct download option or must be a premium for each site in order remote will work.

2 answer is Yes. I personally did not try it, but I don't see the reason why it shouldn't work on subdomain.


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#3 Postby admin » Aug 11, 2014 11:40 am

1) Correct, you should have premium with direct download link.
2) Yes, it will work on subdomain.

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Also interested

#4 Postby xfileuser » Oct 03, 2014 7:16 am

I am also interested in such feature and trough a Google search I found this website.

I tried the XFileMirror demo website. I went to "Settings" page and tried to update Uploaded.net account credentials to remote upload a file from my uploaded account, but I receive "Not allowed in demo mode" message.

So, if I have an Uploaded.net premium account specified in "Settings" page I cannot remote upload the file trough XFileMirror? Even if my account is premium and the file is in my account?

I have seen this kind of "leech" somewhere... How can I achieve this?

If this can be made with XFileMirror I will buy it, but I must be sure first. Maybe it can be done and I'm misleading something...


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