XFileSharing Pro - [BUG] torrnts, not working with multi server!!!!

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[BUG] torrnts, not working with multi server!!!!

#1 Postby 6ybh.com » Apr 11, 2010 6:26 am

i have added a new server to my website and i turned of the main server
to be containing only the system file of xfilesharingpro to be easy for backup and maintainance.

and i added a new server and i made it available for all users.

now, went to tornet--> Strat Engeing, it's geveing me an error saying that the bitflu.pl it's not exist on the new server,

i've copied the whole directory of torrnets and i placed in Cgi-bin, in the new server.

now the torrnet working fine!! BUT, cant download any files!!!

what i discoved that i should have the main server On, and after the torrenet files finish, i should transfare it manulally to the other server, to keep the first server clean from any files that my using to hack the server or whatever.

so what the solution now ???

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#2 Postby admin » Apr 12, 2010 5:52 pm

No, it will work on any file server. You did something wrong.

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