XFileSharing Pro - What much Bandwidth will I need??

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What much Bandwidth will I need??

#1 Postby mintsongs » Jun 08, 2010 10:03 pm


I currently run the website http://www.dopenewsongs.com
and all of the links that I provide are to hulkshare.com (Which I do not own)

I want to start building my own file sharing website so that I will be able to get the profits from that as well.

However, being a noob in website development, I have no idea how much bandwidth I am going to need.

Please take a look at the links that I have to hulkshare.com right now and tell me how much bandwidth I should get and what hosting company/plan is best for me?

I am not really concerned about having other people upload files..this website will be mainly just me uploading songs for my website.

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#2 Postby PowerChaos » Jun 08, 2010 11:58 pm

its hard to say what you need

it depends on your budget and what you like to do

and specialy how you want to take care off

do you want to provide your users 100% speed ?? and a lot of visitors that doesnt complain about a laggy website ??

or do you want to cap the users speed so they cant complain about a slow website ??

or to explain that part easy

do you want everything on 1 server or on 2 servers

let me say that you go for 1 server only
then you need about 2TB - 3TB traffic per month (60GB per day for me average = 1.8TB per month on traffic average)

the problem you have with it that it can go slow if you got a lot of downloads at the same time , or you need to cap the users speed so you can keep your optimal speed on the site

let me say that you choose option 2

option 2 means 2 differend servers

1 = website server (vps is fine if you configure it right and on a good host)
2 = file server , suggestion of dedicated server as it will use a lot of traffic /speed to download the files

i use personal option 2
exept that i am on 2 dedicated servers , and my website only use 2GB traffic per month , and my download server 2TB at this moment (files of 700mb get downloaded there and bigger)

as you are a new persone to this then it totaly depends on what you like
if you say , i want to safe money the first 3 months then just take 1 server and see how it goes

if you say , i like to have it good , then take 2 servers to be sure and you dont have problems later on by moving files (like some users have )

as note for the traffic , i got reply's here on the forum of users who use 20TB per month and other users that doesnt even use 1TB per month
so it depends on your files and how mutch intresting they are that they get downloaded , but as a download site you need to count on mutch traffic ( 700 mb is still 700 mb per download and a lot of dowloads makes some big traffic)

then it depends to if you use the torrent mod (like i do ) or not
ps: the traffic is with out the torrent mod , as the torrent mod doesnt calculate the traffic on the script

then to reply for a host
i am a hosting company ( http://getadedi.com ) so it would be strange if i promote other hosts :D

anyway , if you feel intrested in my hosting , then feel free to take a look at the above website or to email me at webmaster @ powerchaos.com for special deals to fit your budget and needs

hopely this post can help you a lot

Greetings From PowerChaos

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#3 Postby Oswaldt » Jun 09, 2010 12:49 am

if you want to make a file sharing site just for your site, good luck.

Good move on your part, however I don't think your site is big enough make it a wise move to move to your own file sharing site.

I strongly suggest you either find a new file host who would be willing to pay you more..or stay with hulkshare.

I run wegotitfirst, my friend runs hulkshare.com. Having my own file sharing service, I know first hand that it is not more profitable to have your own file sharing service JUST for your own site.

In this kind of business...you will have to go big or go home. (at least be prepared to have to go big...thats for sure)

if you already bought your filesharing license... I'd try to minimize damages and go back.

I hope this gave you some insight.

As far as an answer to your initial question..I think you should be good with 2000-3000 GB of bandwidth to start.

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