XUpload - XUpload Does not Work with IE 11

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XUpload Does not Work with IE 11

#1 Postby TobiX » Feb 16, 2015 1:41 pm

I have problems with XUpload Pro 3.1 with IE 11.

No Version of pbmode of uploadform2 works.
And the count of files, per example, is not displayed (font id='x_max_size')?(/font): Just a ? apears.
With Firefox and Chrome it works absolutely fine.

Is it a new Security-Feature of Microsoft, or something like this?
I did try different Security-Levels.
Java-Script is enabled certainly.

Thank you in advance!
I think, I found the solution my self:
In xupload.js comment line 501 after //Safari fix:

AND: disable "Enhanced Protected Mode" in Security-Options!

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