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XVideoSharing 1.95

#1 Postby PilgrimX182 » Oct 09, 2019 12:35 pm

Fresh new 1.95 version of XVideoSharing script released.

Major highlights are: VAST ads mod, new Hola Spark player, GeoLite2 DB support, Banned countries/IPs for each account.

Updated demo site: http://xvideosharing.com

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+ VAST Ads mod: pre/mid/post-rolls support, frequency settings
+ Playing original not yet encoded MP4 over HLS
+ Alternative embed domain option
+ Clappr autoplay for static embeds
+ Aggregated encode queues stats by Host
+ JW Player update to 8.8.5
+ Browser built-in Pop-ups blocker detection added
+ Top deleter users list on Admin Deleted files page
+ Fixed DMCA Legal account and added DMCA menu option
+ Added VAST settings
+ Google Drive leech support
+ Security fixes for custom thumb uploads
+ Disable Conversion option for users
+ Adaptive MP4 fast preload size
+ Expire selected quality option
+ Extra security for expire script
+ Option to Disable IP checks on FS for Mobiles or IPv6
+ Banned Countries+IPs options in My Account
+ ImageProxy mod: shorter URL, no problems after transfer to another server
+ Restarting daemons on each Host update
+ Can disable each daemon type on Host
+ API mod: add user by admin
+ API mod: add URL upload to specific user by admin
+ Improved 'Least Encodings' next upload server logic, now count per Host
+ Upload to STORAGEs when they have few encodings to help UPLOADER
+ Upgraded Clappr player to the latest 0.3.6 version + updated all its plugins
+ Direct video links referer check to make Referer check on file server
+ Memcached mod: purge user cache on save / payout
+ Disable video pages (allow embeds only)
+ Require recaptcha before video page to stop bots / leechers
+ Disable Ads / Files expiration for specific users
+ Increase encoding priority for not MP4 files
+ Manual increase encoding priority button
+ Payouts: added Processed date + translated page
+ Blocked IPs/money saved daily stats for + IP Block mod
+ Clappr player: VAST ads support
+ No play videos from UPLOADER/ENCODER servers option
+ Now using GeoLite2 DB to resolve IP to country
+ 'Export direct download links' admin button

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