XFileSharing Pro - @admin , a small problem to check out (only for admin :d)

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@admin , a small problem to check out (only for admin :d)

#1 Postby PowerChaos » Feb 10, 2010 2:45 am

i got a small problem with the email i guess

i mailed a few times but i never got a response
so i was wondering , is it posseble that you dont send a response ? or does the response come from a non exisitng email (with no traceback on it )

if the second is the case then it explains why i never got a single email exept the order email

if posseble , can you send me the quates that you made back to me ? or the emails i should supose to have ?

els i need to send them again

my filters are adjusted now so now i need to get every single email ^^ so nothing can stop it now from not getting it

the reason why i post it on forum is to be sure you recrived it : D because with no response then i am not sure if you recrived it

the emails are sended from webmaster [at] powerchaos.com

Thank you for your support
Greets From PowerChaos