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ads providers

#1 Postby PowerChaos » Feb 10, 2010 2:58 am

hi all
i was wondering a few things

i know that some persones use ads like google adsense and adbride and so on and so on

but what i was wondering about

whats the best ad site ?? what adsite does pay the best and doesnt ban your ass for doing clickfraude ?? and can handle a proxy

the reason why i ask it is for 2 reasons

1) i am wondering if i can put ads on my proxy with out bringing the adserver down (only google survived it so far , but banned for possible clickfraude)

2) i started up my own adsite but i need a few clients
this is what i do to prevent fraude (like every1 complain about)
1 vieuw/click allowed per ip per day (so max of 1 click fraude per day ??) , it is automatic so it realy works ^^

and the main reason why i ask it here is because you all use ads to gain a bit of money , per vieuw and per click
so i was wondering if there are intrests in this to join my ad system ??

there is 1 downsite at this moment , i dont have advertisers yet exept myself (so only a few ads are showing ,a few paid per click others per vieuw and others not because they are default ads)

well, let me know what you think of this thats the place you need to go :D


and to vieuw a previeuw of the ads (o yea , thats my small proxy i was talking about , 300kb big but it use more then your download location on traffic , like 4TB on 3 days if i not limit it ^^)

Thank you
Greets From PowerChaos

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