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Allow Download Setting

#1 Postby rhyle0827 » Sep 15, 2018 2:49 am

Hi Sibsoft,

Congratulations on releasing new version of xfilesharing.

I've been using xfilesharing for many years now and I'm so happy with it. But I have a question regarding the "allow download from" setting located from "setting > file". Before "exact download IP" my visitors can download file and play videos without problem but as the files grow a lot complaining that they can't access them and so do i, so i tried the other 2 and still it's not working so I choose "all IP".

Now my concern is what could be the problem restricting them and me to access the files if I choose the first option? I still don't have extension file server.

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Re: Allow Download Setting

#2 Postby admin » Sep 15, 2018 5:21 am

You're getting such complaints because in some countries, some ISP change user's IP (sometimes each user's request have different IP).
"All IPs" disable IP check, so file can be downloaded by any user, no matter who generated this direct download link. The only negative effect, is that file could hotlinked (downloaded by anyone) during direct link lifetime.

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