XUpload - Apple problems?

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Apple problems?

#1 Postby TonyC » Sep 23, 2009 6:53 am

Have used this great tool for a small-business website I was making for a friend....and everything works perfectly on my machine - have even managed to customise some small parts

Anyway, the problem is that the site owner is a Mac user. Xupload never seems to work properly on the first pass through, but second and subsequent times it is perfect!?!

What happens:
* he logs into the website, triggers a file upload
* that form passes all the info correctly, upload starts
* file progress bar appears as per normal, file name and file size correct
* post.php executes, but there is no file information. php session has been destroyed, and no file in the temp or uploads directory....but post.php completes perfectly (sending him an email with file name etc all blank)

Oddly, this behaviour only happens on a Mac, and only on the first upload of the day - have tested perfectly in Vista, XP, and Linux, and is fine on the Mac for second and subsequent uploads in the day??

Any ideas?

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