CommuniMail - As an emergency alert system?

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As an emergency alert system?

#1 Postby scotter » Dec 12, 2007 6:09 pm

I work at a university and would like to use CommuniMail as a sort of emergency alert system. I envision it like this:

    Student goes to a webpage, signs up ('opts-in')
    They give name, email and mobile number in email format (for SMS,, etc)
    They get a confirmation (looks like CommuniMail does this) to authorize via web
    From there just one or two people are allowed access to the CommuniMail admin page to send out notices (school closures, fire, pillow fight, etc)
    We would want the system to be one-way only if possible, meaning subscribers reply mails don't go anyhere
    Opting out? students can reply with 'unsubscribe' or maybe go back to the web interface and opt out??
We are a MS shop... so we have exchange, but I am running php, mysql, etc on a Win box already and I think I can get Perl going... we would just bounce the messages from the CommuniMail box off the Exchange server - I do that with php/mysql now
Is this something CommuniMail can do?

thanks for any replies.


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