XFileSharing Pro - can I please buy the pro version ??????

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can I please buy the pro version ??????

#1 Postby roman7771 » May 22, 2011 3:55 am

hi guys,
i would really like to buy the pro version of this script with some mods.i have tried writing to support twice already the past week and a half but no one seems to get into contact with me. i am assuming that i will be spending about 300$ so i would really like to speak to someone in regards to some advice on what i will really need.....
can someone from sibsoft get into contact with me please.....

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#2 Postby ObiVan » May 22, 2011 12:33 pm

there is no need to contact the SibSoft as everything is standing on this link:


scroll down to: Order XFileSharing Pro with mods
and if it`s a first time you make a purchase than my suggested mods are following:

Purchase the script it self: 120 $
purchase the following mods:

video mod
image mod
flash multi-upload mod

And I think you will already find the script very useful with these modules.

and when you purchase the script you will get the link to your own page where you purchase info is located, and than later if you should need new mods, just open this page (you received from SibSoft after first purchase) , select the new mod from the mod table and click purchase... it`s very easy....

better now ??


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#3 Postby admin » May 22, 2011 12:42 pm


we've replied on your email and asked about your concerns and told you to contact us if you will have any more questions. Since then we didn't received any questions from you.

If you need advice - feel free to email us again.


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