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Downloading issue.

#1 Postby fileshare » Apr 12, 2011 10:04 am


My server admin was trying to add extra hard disks. He added one hard disk & it's working perfect. He is adding other hard disks in a same way but there is a problem, file are being uploaded & even transferring on remaining hard disks very fine, but when user downloads them, it gives error that file doesn't exist. He told that he have double checked it a lot of times & but it's giving error. Can you please let me know, how to fix it.

Here it is

Working one.
http://filekeen.com/wpx2erpb182r/WPI.6. ... 1.rar.html

This file is on that hard disk, which my server admin has added. It's all fine.


Not Working
http://filekeen.com/2h0qochfiiv3/Zemana ... l.rar.html

This file is on 2nd hard disk added by my server admin & when we move it to other working hard disk, it works fine. But on this hdd, it's not it says File not found.

Can you please check this & tell me what is the issue?

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