XUpload - error 500 - I really don't understand

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error 500 - I really don't understand

#1 Postby didier » Sep 22, 2009 3:53 pm

I installed the free version (will buy Pro but can get the free working :)).

Unix server , PHP 5.1.2 & Perl 5.008007

I installed like it suppose to be.

the cgi files and folders in the cgi-bin on the server (not in httpdocs)
I put the permissions on the folders and files.
So I think I did what I had to do but I'm always getting a 500 error.

My question is : is the cgi folder at the right place or should it be in my httpdocs like the others files of my website??

I'm new with cgi and stuff so maybe I didn't understand very well.