XFileSharing Pro - Error after installing.

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Error after installing.

#1 Postby Brutus2k » Jan 26, 2010 2:58 pm

The following error appears after installation.

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HTML::Template->new() : Cannot open included file /Templates/login.html : file not found. at Modules/HTML/Template.pm line 329
   HTML::Template::_init_template('HTML::Template=HASH(0x98463dc)') called at Modules/HTML/Template.pm line 123
   HTML::Template::_init('HTML::Template=HASH(0x98463dc)') called at Modules/HTML/Template.pm line 79
   HTML::Template::new('HTML::Template', 'filename', '/Templates/login.html', 'die_on_bad_params', 0, 'global_vars', 1, 'loop_context_vars', 1, ...) called at Modules/Session.pm line 154
   Session::CreateTemplate('Session=HASH(0x94e0d0c)', 'login.html') called at Modules/Session.pm line 191
   Session::PrintTemplate('Session=HASH(0x94e0d0c)', 'login.html', 'msg', 'undef', 'login', 'undef', 'redirect', 'undef') called at index.cgi line 145
   main::LoginPage called at index.cgi line 81

the script is on a sub domain..

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#2 Postby PowerChaos » Jan 28, 2010 1:44 pm

well, check your http folder permision

it says that it cant be found
so it can have 2 reasons

1) the folder you look for does not exist on root

2) the cofig file is wrong configured and doesnt point to the sub domain but to the root

so how to fix it

first check that the files are in the right place (get them out of the htdocs folder and place them in the www folder/ root )

instead of

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+cgi folder
+htdocs folder

so you get like this

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then check your config file if it points to the right location
instead of this

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that it goes to

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then it should normal works

ps: this example is based on cpanel

Greets From PowerChaos

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#3 Postby PilgrimX182 » Jan 29, 2010 9:02 am

Make sure cgi_path in XFileConfig.pm is correctly set up.

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