XFileSharing Pro - Extra file server question

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Extra file server question

#1 Postby jow123 » May 26, 2011 6:27 pm


i havan't bought the script yet, i am doing a lot of reading before, i am reading in the last 3 hours or so and i have a question about adding a server,

when adding a server, i will place the file server files on the new server and configure it, but does the new server must be on a Domain name?
or,, can it even be on an other domain name since the license of xfilesharing is for 1 domain? (question 1)
if i will need to use directly the ip, and set the paths to cgi and everything, how can i set a path to cgi or anything without a domain name? how will i know where to place the files for them to load correctly? (second question)

Thank you