XUpload - Fake transfer complete

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Fake transfer complete

#1 Postby Mikk » Nov 04, 2007 11:27 am

I installed XUpload on my personal space but it does't work. When I click on "Upload files" I obtain in the pop-up window a white background and "Transfer complete!" immediatly. When I check the temp or upload directory I find them empty.
My diagnosis is that the script can't write in the temp directory, and when it arrive to line 36 of upload_status.cgi it sees the temp directory empty and belives that the download is finished.
Now I need a cure :P (if it is possible, of course).

I'll write down the thing that I've checked following your guide in the topic "Read this first...".
1. CHMODed correctly setted to 777 and 755
2. Absolute paths used
3. Used your tool to obtain the correct .cgi files
4. Tryed to use the .htaccess file. When it is online I obtain a 500 Interna Sever Error, when I delete it I obtain the "Transfer complete!" message.
5. Paramaters checked.
6. I commented the line, nothing happens.
7. I'm on a Apache server, I ignored this line. I ignored also the lines from 8 to 12, because they don't talk about my problem.

I checked my upload.cgi in this page: http://www.graphoskop6054.com/cgi-bin/x ... upload.cgi
Try yourself if you want, it is a public zone.

I use the 2.5 version, FF browser on WinXP.
This is the url: http://www.graphoskop6054.com/upload_form.html
My webspace works with Apache/2.0, PHP Version 4.4.7.

Sorry for my English.


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#2 Postby PilgrimX182 » Nov 06, 2007 6:42 am