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few Questions and some idea's

#1 Postby PowerChaos » Jan 17, 2010 3:58 am

i got a few questions and a small problem

1 of my users that use my website is complaining about a win32 parite that avast found on the uploader program (the exe program for your website :P)

he like to know why it found it and i like to know why he could found it :S

then a few suggestions over the program

1) if you upload , it doesnt assign it to you , it makes it anonymouse instead linking it to your account (small bug)

2) can it be changed so it can be used as downloader to ?? to download direct links or so :D

3 ) showing your files you have , so you can see what files are you , just like the rapidshare manager of ... rapidshare

4) time left of that account if premium so you got full information from your desktop

well ,that where the few things of the client file

now a few suggestions/improvents for the script itself
but first 1 small bug that is reported to me from differend locations

some persones says to me if they get from a proxy (like anonyme.to) that they cant download a file , the download button wont show up in firefox and opera (thats all i know)

the first suggestions
1) is it posseble to add a premium download system in it , so you get a XX amount of traffic and that you can share , kinda premium traffic so anonymouse users can use it to

2) a fast pass system , you pay like XX to instand download the file like a premium account , but just for that download only ( like 0.50$ for the file to instand download it )

3) a traffic download
meaning , you can buy traffic you can use to download files , just like premium but then with traffic
as example
a premium is 4 days for 4$
or you can spend 4$ for 40GB traffic
so you can use it more then 4 days or less then 4 days , depends how mutch you download

4)emails on reply's and on new comment on downloads from you

i am not sure if that exist already , but i got a comment on the newspage and i saw it only 7 days later because i dint got a email of it

5)users download limit at same time (user qeue)
if you got 150 users downloading all the time , your server get overloaded and your speed drops a lot
so to prevent it , only 20 guests can download at the same time , and only 20 registered at the same time , premium doesnt have a limit
so the server does not get overloaded and the full download speed can be kept (with average waiting time on it or so)

6) happy hours
every1 becomes a premium instand , guests or premiums are the same for XX hours on XX days of XX month
so you got a kinda happy hour , lot of fun and a taste how it feels to be premium

7) file splitter/joiner
if some1 uploads a big file , he can request to split it up (let me say , he upload 1GB but want it to have it splitted in 10 so it are 100mb instead 1GB to download)

and the joiner to join the files , or if some1 upload 10 files splitted that it can be joined back to 1 big file

well that are my idea's for this moment
if posseble ,if those things will be made for public then i would be happy
if they will only be made for private , please let me know a average price for them because i need a few of them

Thank you
Greets From PowerChaos

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