XFileSharing Pro - File server move, easiest way to move over 650GB?

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File server move, easiest way to move over 650GB?

#1 Postby Hendrickson » Jan 13, 2010 9:03 pm

Hi people,

I need some help please. I have to upgrade my server as the servers config can't cope with the current loads. Need more CPU and RAM etc so upgrading asap.

Whats the easier way to move from one server to the other? I only need to move a file server.

I'm using directadmin, but wouldn't mind jumping onto cpanel.

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#2 Postby PowerChaos » Jan 17, 2010 3:33 am

moving mutch files from 1 location to a other location ?

good luck with that
i am not sure of the download files how they are stored and so
so i cant say exactly how to move them

but the best and easy'st way to move a lot of files is by making them to 1 file (zip, rar , tar , bzip , iso or whatever you want as long it is 1 file)

then just if it is from 1 to a other server

then just put it in the www dir and do a wget command in shell to get it

1 big problem , both the servers will be on extreme heavy load until that big amount is transfered

a other way to do if you dont want to move it with apache/website

then use ftp to move it
i dont know mutch of linux but the best way is just with wget for me :P

Greets From PowerChaos

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#3 Postby PilgrimX182 » Jan 17, 2010 8:19 pm

I usually share uploads folder on the htdocs folder and use wget recursive download. tar-ing need extra space which is not always available.

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#4 Postby PowerChaos » Jan 20, 2010 6:28 am

true , not every1 got 1.5TB hd and 1TB left :P

the other option if your datacenter allows it is asking to put a spare hd as backup hd and let them move it from server

as example , i got 1 server and i need a new and better server , the datacenter offers me the ability to transfer the complete hd to it and mounth a second hd on it to take a backup for 72 hours

so you can always transfer it then with out a problem

but thats when you are talking over the same datacenter and not to a other datacenter ofcourse

if you move to a other datacenter

first option if posseble is the tar file (goes the best)
just wget 1 file , untar and done
takes a lot of time but you can sleep in meantime when it is transfering

the other way is using file per file like described in the post above me (sorry forgot poster name and to lazy to check it :P)

but that takes a lot of time to

and if i am not wrong
there are a few php scripts on the net that does that task for you
it use the ftp to transfer , and it downloads everything to your new server

but it works with php so your php settings need to be fine and you dont see any progress

anyway, i hope this reply's helps you a bit
and good luck with the transfer

Greets From PowerChaos

ps: notifications doesnt works :'( so i need to manual check for reply's

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#5 Postby Hendrickson » Jan 20, 2010 9:51 am

Thanks for the tip I'm tar'ing the 690GB worth of files taking about 2 days on a slow atom server haha. At least when I untar it into the new server it will be faster on a quad core machine...

Using the wget to command to move the file. It should be fast as it in the same data centre.

I still have two servers to go. So I might just ask then if I can move the HD and take it from there.

Note to users: Atom servers do not make good file servers once you start getting traffic they will overload in a second. Even with direct links....Entry level quad core with 4GB or more is the stuff....

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#6 Postby PowerChaos » Jan 20, 2010 10:19 am

well, your speed will be 100mb/s not higher :D

and wanna know a funny part about the atom

i got it 1 time before , 1 single websites on it (warez website with 500+ visits a day) and it went down every hour , and my cpu of mysql was over the 250% ( 1.6GHZ and 2GB ram)

and that all from 1 single site :s

from that moment i desided to go only Quad with 8GB ram :D and now i still having a few problems sometimes (blame that proxy site with 1.2 mill visits on 3 days and a 4TB traffic on 1 month :P)

but that have nothing to do with this

the best way if it is in the same datacenter is to ask to move the hd
goes the fastest way but they dont offer it always , some charge extra money for it and others does it for free

the second option if you got enouf space is the tar option , just start it and go to sleep and the next day untar it and you got your files back in 3 steps

if that isnt a optoin eather , then you can tar differend times (start small , move it , and delete it , start bigger and so on )

if that isnt a option and you dont want to spend days on transfering file per file
then put a php script on it , be sure it can read the files it needs and then run that script , and it does all the work for you (exept those damm php time outs and mem usage restriction lol )

for the rest , i wish you a happy transfer time :D

Greets From PowerChaos

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#7 Postby Mega B » Jan 20, 2010 10:30 am

I currently run our database on a 2nd dedicated server that has a 1 TB of main storage but we added a 1.5TB additional drive a few weeks back to the same server to be able to do a complete copy of the main drive which has about 500gig on it at the moment so i would like some idea on what to do so i can be able to do a copy from the master disk to the 2nd one so that i have a complete backup.
I guess this will take a massive amount of time but i dont have a great amount of server knowledge so help or guidance on doing this will be most welcome.


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#8 Postby PowerChaos » Jan 20, 2010 10:34 am

you got 2 hd's on 1 server
and want to move from /home to /home2 (second drive if mounted on home2)

well , the easyst way for you to move from 1 to a toher is using ftp if you dont know the right commands (i dont know them so dont ask me :P)

go get filezilla (or any other ip) and login as root

then you just go to /home and get the folder where teh files are located in

drag it to the /home2 and relax behind your pc for about 12 hours (moving from 1 hd to a other goes faster then moving to a complete new server ofcourse :D) ??

filezilla will move every single file for you and you dont need to use a single command

but that only works if you want to move files from the same pc to a other location

it cant be easyer , and you cant do anything wrong (i think)

els you need to work as root , type in commands with wildcards and so on

Greets From The Crasher

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#9 Postby Mega B » Jan 20, 2010 10:48 am

@PowerChaos that is some sound information the 2nd drive on the servers only cost $30 a month extra per server and i see it as cheap insurance to guard against a business failure as you think it will never happen to me then one day you loose the lot which means you can then loose all your member etc etc etc.

I sleep alot better at night when i have total backups,my orinal idea was to use the 2nd drive on each server as a raid setup but then i found out that i needed to have another 1gig connection to be able to do this which then increases the expense even further,so i decided that i would just do a total backup the slow way once say ever couple of days and then do the raid option in a few months time when the complete project can stand the extra cost involved.

Once again thanks for the information on how to do the backup.

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#10 Postby PowerChaos » Jan 20, 2010 12:43 pm

if you want to do it even better
after i readed your post

put a second hd in it of the same size and ask your datacenter to put harware raid on it (or was it software raid that they offer free ??)

then you dont need to worry anymore over backups

but raid over 2 servers is not posseble

raid means , exact copy of the data that get splitted in 2 so you got a exact copy

differend hd sizes wont work and a raid over network will totaly fail

there is a reason why you need 2 exact the same hd drives

meaning , if you got 1 hd of 7200 rpm and 1 of 10000 rpm then it wil fail to work

so that solution you just told isnt a good solution

the other solution you have , but i dont know if it is a good 1

some providers offers a remote storage location (backup location) for a few $

they are bound on a 1GB port for fast data transfer and they use the inbound network and they are in raid
depending on where you backup the files from

you can even remote backup it , but then it goes slower ofcourse (still max speed :p)

to be honnest , if you want the best solution , then i can only suggest to contact your datacenter/hosting provider and he shal give you the best solution he have

Greets From The Crasher

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