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File Upload Fails Randomly

#1 Postby pkaushal » Feb 19, 2011 10:33 am


I am using X-Upload Pro for uploading of the files. The scripts are currently hosted on our local in-house server and I have full access to all the configuration settings of the server. I have already carried-out most of the configuration settings as described in various posts of this forum. However, I still face the following problems during upload.

(1) File upload fails randomly. If I am uploading one particular file (around 50 MB) then the upload may get fail after some time (at random percentage), however, if I upload the same file again then it gets uploaded successfully. This has happened many time with different files. I have verified the Apache Logs and I get different type of the error message for the failed uploads. Two such error message is given below.

(70014) End of file found: Error reading request entity data

Premature end of script headers: ANG-PROG-BP.zip

(2) Upload speed is very slow. Many of the times the files get uploaded at a very slow speed, even though the Internet Line connected to my Server is not being used for any other purpose.

Kindly advise the steps to resolve above mentioned issues. As I have full access to the server, therefore, I can configure any required settings on the server.


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#2 Postby pkaushal » Feb 19, 2011 3:08 pm

Further to my above post, I have calculated the upload speed while using the XUpload Pro for uploading the files. I am getting the average upload speed of around 150 KBPS. I am uploading the files from another location where we have 6 mbps Leased Line connection. However, if I normally download the files (through Browser or FTP) while working on my Server then I get average speed of 250 KBPS. I have 2 mbps dedicated Leased Line for my Server.

Is this problem due to XUpload Pro Script or due to HTTP uploads, as otherwise I shall get the similar speed of 250 KBPS for uploading the files to my Server from another location.


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