XVideoSharing - help me I want to change. You have used

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help me I want to change. You have used

#1 Postby filescopy » Nov 12, 2013 7:32 pm

I want to change. My language.
You have used 4 of 1 available minutes for last 672 hoursUpgrade your account to watch videos with no limits

I need to fix my files.

thank admin

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#2 Postby PilgrimX182 » Nov 16, 2013 4:10 pm

I believe it's this string cointain some language words:

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"$ses->{lang}->{lng_download_you_have_used} $file->{mins_used} $ses->{lang}->{lng_download_of} $c->{max_watch_time} $ses->{lang}->{lng_download_available_mins_for_last} $c->{max_watch_time_period} $ses->{lang}->{lng_download_hours}<br><a href='$c->{site_url}/premium.html'>$ses->{lang}->{lng_download_upgrade_your_account}</a> $ses->{lang}->{lng_download_to_watch_no_limits}";

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