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Help Passing Variable

#1 Postby SBBcarl » May 30, 2008 3:04 pm


I have a question for you guys :)

My site that im working on requires you to be logged in and it passes a session variable to each page. So when you look at the URL it will say like (upload.php?s=s039fkeutkdif). If that session doesnt match the record in the database for that user, it logs them out etc.

What i want to do is make the upload form pass the session variable to the cgi script so when it redirects the user to post.php it appends the session var on the url (post.php?s=s039fkeutkdif).

Can this be done?


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#2 Postby PilgrimX182 » Jun 02, 2008 6:35 am

Well...if your authorization handle sessionID from POST request it's very easy: just add hidden input to your upload form like

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<input type="hidden" name="s" value="...">
and replace ... with your PHP SessionID variable (sure rename file to upload_form.php).

Then upload.cgi will add this "s" variable to POST request.