XFileSharing Pro - How do i add server(plesk)

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How do i add server(plesk)

#1 Postby derron1 » Mar 10, 2010 6:11 pm

ok i purchase a second server and i was wondering how do i add it to my site.
the second verion is runnng the latest plesk 9

my site is on a second server running cpanel(does it matter)

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#2 Postby SayUNKLE » Mar 11, 2010 2:24 am

Use .ftp access to upload your files.
You can create account in your Cpanel ftp account settings.

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*** Extra File-Server Installation ***

1) Copy all files and folders from "FS-dist/cgi-bin" into FileServer cgi-bin folder.
   Copy all files and folders from "FS-disr/htdocs"  into FileServer htdocs (public_html) folder.

   NOTE: use binary FTP mode for script files upload.

2) Chmod install_fs.cgi	to 755 and run it in browser.
   It will set correct permissions for other files and put correct paths into config.

3) Login with admin account and go to "Server Management" section, click "Add new server".
   Put your FS cgi-bin and files URLs there, then Main server will test & update FileServer configuration.

INFO:	After installation try to open env.php which is in FileServer files folder in browser - it should show you error or source code.
      	If you see full path, then check that you've moved .htaccess to FileServer htdocs folder.
	When you make sure PHP files are forbidden, delete env.php
	Executing php/cgi scripts on your server is potential vulnerability. Disable php,pl,cgi,py,sh,shtml extensions in your Site Settings.

INFO: To force file download for direct links (Save As popup in browser) you should have mod_headers Apache module enabled on your server.