XUpload - how to install on local IIS 5.1

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how to install on local IIS 5.1

#1 Postby alpesh » Feb 15, 2010 9:49 am

Hi guys,

i am using latest free version, on IIS 5.1

We are planning to buy this product. but before this i have to show to company demo version to working fine on my local, then we can proceed.

For this i have installed Perl on c: and check the example.pl and it is working getting output "hello world".
Even i have copied one perl example file into my new folder, it is also working.

now i have created a new folder named cgi-bin in wwwroot folder and give all permissions.

and then i have created new folder test_xpload with all permission from there i have copied your form upload_form.html.

When i select a file and click on upload... it gives error
url:(http://localhost/cgi-bin/xupload/upload ... =954506413)

%1 is not a valid Win32 application.

even i have set in XUploadConfig.pm file

# Directory for temporary using files
temp_dir => '/cgi-bin/xupload/temp',

# Directory for uploaded files
target_dir => '/cgi-bin/xupload/uploads',

still it is not working. can you help us urgent. so we can sort this out very soon.