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How to verify a function in index_m.pm

#1 Postby Steve9e8 » Aug 20, 2015 3:37 pm


I needed to make a new message form in template ( like message.html ) ... now I made the new message in an independent page in template, and then added it to index_m.pm ... for example ( message1 ) :

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return $ses->message1("$ses->{lang}->{lang_account_generated}<br><br>$ses->{lang}->{lang_login} / $ses->{lang}->{lang_password} : $login / $password");<br>

But when I perform that it gives the error :

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Cannot locate object method " message1" via package " session " at index_m.pm line 4351

Now I go to " session.pm " in cgi-bin/Modules ... I open it by text editor but the only thing I can see is a long code ... and there is no place to add or edit anything ...

So please, how can I add " message1 " to session.pm ... or how to verify " message1" in index_m.pm ?


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