XFileSharing Pro - i want buy xfileshirng all modes but !!!!!

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i want buy xfileshirng all modes but !!!!!

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i want buy xfileshirng all modes but !!!!!

Image mod

Video mod

Video Ads

URL Leech mod

SmartPoints mod

Torrents mod

Twitter mod

Reports mod

Payment Gateways mod

Moderator mod

Heywatch.com encoding mod

Flash upload mod

Embedded Upload mod

MP4/FLV Encoding

Archives mod

Is the video mode incompatible with the rest of the situation if it does not contradict How will the organization of this process I would like to provide an integrated site.
What about the development of methods of payment do you put video of its own system and other system files?

Please advise me as soon as

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Sorry, but I can't understand your question.